HP of NVRP 61X, June 3, 2021


With handymen coming over today, I first bagged the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park 61X. Due to be 98 degrees for the high, I made breakfast. The workers came and did two hours of painting and installations. I paid by credit card, and tipped $25, grateful for the good work.

With it being too hot for hiking, I tended to enjoying my new home. With music and movies, I now have the best energy efficiency, with now cellular shades and thermal curtains, not to speak of double paned windows. With all Energy Star appliances, and my electric sedan, then paying hundreds in carbon offsets, I should well be carbon negative. With my thermostat set now for cooling to 75 degrees, my energy bill last month was some $115, with $18 for the car. With warm clothes indoors, I had the thermostat set to 66 degrees for heating over the winter and spring.

With now so low energy bills, I did get a commendation for my low usages as I lived in previous homes. A great selling point should I flip the home. In a year or so, I hope the home will be worth 4, and then to consider selling and buying for 3 somewhere. There's good homes in Merced, CA, and some in Vegas. If I wanted, I could get cheap homes in Twin Falls, ID, or St. George, UT. But being red states, I wouldn't want my tax money to go to hate. I moved out of Fallon, as people spoke hate openly in the restaurant. I heard the "n" word applied to George Floyd. With also lousy neighbors who wouldn't even lift a finger, even for high pay, I had to sell my Saturn for a big loss.

With slightly better here back in Reno, I like being a flipper. With poor HOA rules, I wish for a single family home with no HOA. Back in Fallon, I had watering to do. A large yard with a walkway, to do some 300 feet with one circle loop. Good during the pandemic, it was exercise without leaving my home. Now I have stairs, in the event the air quality gets that bad. With air filters, I won't have to breathe smoke when I climb the stairs, up and down multiple times.

Expected for more CA forest fires, and also higher highs, I escaped a lot of climate change, cooler up here in Reno. With peaks and bumps in walking distance, or short drives, I'm happy with repeated ascents of the same hills. The Sierra and Lassen Park are closer, then a shorter drive to Vegas and the Desert Southwest. Now to look about solar panels on my roof, and then to be truly a good enviro.