Thorton Point 49X, June 20, 2021

THORTON POINT 49X June 20, 2021

Up with cooling concerns, I opened the windows to allow the house to get the cool morning air. With a frugal healthy breakfast, I had some food for energy. Then closing them, I took off to bag Thorton Point 49X. Going back home, I went back to bed. The house stayed cool enough, so I did not use the a/c at all today. It rose to near 90 degrees upstairs, but I just took a cold shower. Downstairs, it stayed under about 82 degrees. I worked on my computer with music, alternately going to sleep and getting up. Too hot to hike, it was a high of 99 degrees.

Cold noodles or somen was good to prepare. Resting with the news, I cruised to downtown at night to get first a chili cheese dog. Then on the way home, I stopped for a $1 taco. Capturing the scene along the main street, I am pleased with my 4K dash cams. I can review the sights as I travel, all speeded up so I do not get bored viewing them. Nobody else that I know does any of this, posting the sights ahead as I drive.

With my many past drives down the Vegas Strip recorded, also my road trip adventures since I started doing this, I hope now to capture sights about the USA as I go for road trips. Plans are to see the USA to the East Coast and South. With a sharing travel partner or few, we can split expenses and I would have company to keep me awake at the wheel. Likely to visit Texas, New Orleans, Florida, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, and bag the State Highpoints as we are motoring about. Why nobody comes forward to do this, or even inquire, all zero emissions, and never to pay for gas, riding in the best car in its class, I wonder. Too good to be true?

Somehow, I do not think that throwing in a free 10,000 mile ride, all meals covered with luxury lodging every night, and even a $1,000 a month salary would ever make any difference!