Thorton Point 48X, June 19, 2021

THORTON POINT 48X June 19, 2021

With the forecast being for another hot one, I had some food before I left to bag Thorton Point 48X. I sought to get a chicken taco, but the eatery drive thru attendant was incompetant, and I couldn't use convenience payment. She shut the window as I tried to pay, so I left.

Back home, I enjoyed my music and did some webwork. I then motored back to downtown, and got a salad with groceries at the natural foods store. Seeking to lose weight, I had called the person who had offered help with my home. "Unreachable," the software said, so I might presume he has skipped. Seeming like a nicer hiker, I suppose like the enviro hiking club decides, once they don't need you anymore, you get banned or refused.

Sending photos to the handyperson applicant, I'd love it to pay someone who helps with my home. One of my security cams has gone offline, so the power cord may be disconnected. Also the cam needs to be better directed, and the post holding it needs better securing. I get a motorized shade with remote in a few more days, so I'd need an installer for that. I will pay him to install the rods and curtains, that the handypeople refused to do, as it involves a ladder, too dangerous for the $80/hour handy people.

My home will then be set, as with my energy efficient shades and curtains, I have shut off the a/c to be comfortable indoors with highs to 100+ degrees outside. If I feel too warm, I just take a cold shower.