Rattlesnake Mountain 59X, Twin Peaks, June 15, 2021


Up at midnight, I had food of butter pecan ice cream. Busy with the computer, I enjoyed music. Waking up later at about 6:30 a.m., I had cereal. I chose to partially paint the remainder of the garage, as the handy people did not have the time to complete their work.

The local high was due to be cooler, at 87 degrees, as there is now a heat wave over the Southwest. Vegas was forecast to be 112 or so, then 117 tomorrow, and I set out to bag a peak. Changing my mind, as I forgot my emergency bivvy gear, I motored down South Virginia Street to bag Rattlesnake 59X and Twin Peaks. A couple males ran up the trail, over lunch hour. I captured a few photos of the collared lizards, and signed in my registers.

Back to the main city street, I stopped for salad and groceries at the natural foods store. I bought plenty of camp food, as I may be going on a shorter road trip. Back home, it was to music and bed, with a delivery of red nozzle caps for my 3 tires. Now my car colors are again a vibrant red, white, and blue, so I am pleased with the national colors on my zero emissions. I then had a late dinner.

Though I am banned by the Sierra Club, I continue to explore, enjoy, and protect, as they have turned to hate and pollution, with even hiking banned. Maybe they wil restart it poorly, with nevermore the wilderness exploration ops that I personally provided. With their SUV gas guzzlers and the like, I do not help nazis and KKK as forced when I led trips.