Ellis Peak 7X, June 10, 2021

ELLIS PEAK 7X June 10, 2021

Having a slice of bread for my first breakfast, I prepared for a hike or drive. If I felt great, I might drive to San Francisco, CA, and back fror a day. Stopping at the casino, I entered the eatery, and ordered the $6.99 ham and eggs. With jelly on wheat toast, this gave me energy to do a good peak. Coffee was $3.29, so pricey.

Motoring westbound on Interstate 80, I exited in Truckee to take CA 89 south. Using my navigator, I easily found the Barker Pass Road. It was clear to the pass, and seeing some snow, I wished that I brought my ice ax.

Starting up the trail, I passed over several snow patches, none of them that bad. After some 25 minutes, I gained the ridge, and what other patches were easy to negotiate. You pass through the red fir forest, after dropping down maybe 400 feet of loss. Other hikers passed me, as I took photos. Coming to signs and a junction to Ellis Lake, I took the shortcut directly ahead. Steep at first, with some snow, I came to the dirt road that comes from further south. I know which way to go, so summited quickly.

No register was to be found, so after capturing the summit view, I placed one. I saw other hikers doing the lower, wrong peak, so hollered for them to climb to the true highpoint. They descended and hiked up the trail to the top, enjoying the view. Being the first party to sign into my register, I chatted a bit, then a rant about the poor peak bagging ops as the enviro hiking club had gotten rid of it all. Nobody else was to be seen, until I headed down the trail. I told two hikers how to find the trail that goes to the top.

Keeping track with my Watch, I took a photo at the bottom then top of the intermediary hill. Near 400 feet to have to climb back over to get back to the start. Running into a dirt biker, he reported coming from Tahoma, and would make a loop back. He easily rode over the snow patches, and me then back to the car, I readied for leaving. Two hikers showed up, and thanked me for the directions that I gave them, with even a photo off the camera display.

Back to CA 89 northbound, I paid near $10 for a meal, with diet soda at a fast food. Fearing for falling asleep at the wheel, I ate the fries, then sandwich as I drove along, which kept me awake. Safely home without having to close my eyes as I drove, I got to a shower and the TV. I'd do webwork the next morning, as I need to wind down from the exercise.

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