About Reno, April, 2021


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Cruising South Virginia Movie April 2-24, 2021 7.22 GB (19:13)

Cruising South Virginia Street Movie, April 25, 2021 884.6 MB (2:21)


Making breakfast, I then had to get my daily exercise. Bagging the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park 38X, this went fast and uneventfully. I cooked some artichokes for dinner.


With fries and PB&J sandwiches for food energy, I did the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park 39X, as I was busy, and my software began to stop working right. I went to the downtown casinos for dinner, and I gave some needy people T shirts, asking them to dance for video. I paid some $10 for wearing my T, but they usually took it off later.

Motoring south on South Virginia Street, I captured the sights ahead. I got jelly donuts at the bakery, as they take convenience payment. Then back to the needy people by the freeway exit, to have them pose for photos, as they wore my T shirts. Then to get won ton soup for dinner, and then also some dessert.

NOTHING DONE April 3, 2021

With asparagus, organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then potatoes and broccoli, later chicken tacos, I had food for the morning. I waited for a dryer delivery, which never came. I spent the whole day waiting, so did not get my usual hiking in. So frustrated, I later cancelled the order.

Not then able to wash my clothes or bedsheets, I would order another smaller dryer from the online retailer.

I had another item delivered.


I inadvertently got the computer stuck on some glitch, as I tapped okay on where I should not have. My software stopped working right, and I sought tech support. They could not help much, and now it was a weekend, and they have hours.

It was Easter, so I went for a morning hike to bag the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park 40X. I did not stop there, and bagged Granite Hills 7X. I took the easy route, and at the start, spoke with a man setting up his paraglider. He stated to have sailed off the peak a few times, and I was interested in his adventures. I gave him my business card, but never has anyone ever messaged on that.

Home for a rest, I went out again to bag Rattlesnake 28X and Twin in the late evening. So, two peaks and two bumps today. I had Baja fish tacos at the casino for dinner.



Today was another bump or peak bagging day. Monday, it was to business. I did the usual morning hike, then to the local Supercenter for food. Later in the evening, it was to bag Rattlesnake Mountain 29X and Twin Peaks, with dusk light.

VIRGINIA CITY April 6, 2021

First bagging the HP of North Valleys Regional Park 42X, I came home to try tech support by phone.

Working with the computer company tech support, they were full of unnecessary verbiage. I finally figured out what to do, and set the computer for a restore from back-up.

Motoring south on I-580, I got a call from an old peak buddy. I decided to head for Virginia City, so chatted as I drove. The call dropped, so I got free parking, and strolled down the main street after looking for the now gone, other free parking. Capturing photos, I came to a gift shop, and they were really friendly and willing to chat. I then bought some items, one for art.

Then to shop some more at the rock shop, selecting pretty rocks for my living room TV stands. Happy, I had an early fish and chips dinner. On NV 341, I captured the views at the Geiger Grade vista point. Bagging then Rattlesnake Mountain 30X then also Twin Peaks, it was then to more dinner at the fine restaurant where I seem now to be a regular, with photos at the adjacent adult boutique.

Happy more with the way things are starting to go, I got back home to fix my computer issues, smart of me. In the process of debt consolidation, I will be seeing how this goes. I had a proposal for this, but the stated $6,500 closing costs were not worth it for as little of a loan as I am asking. Ready to accept the terms, I later thought better of it. My monthly payments would be acceptable, but it seemed foolish now to proceed.

Taking a shower, I got to bed, and will delay any new furniture, as I was going to try to get roommates. This would bring in perhaps $1,000/mo. apiece rental income, but then my privacy would end as I have it. I have to find the right person or persons, who I can trust fully.

For now, it is to get the house better livable, and obtain luxury furnishings. Then to get my debt consolidated, as the banks refuse a loan for my excessive debt. I should shortly get a new drivers license, and I already have new credit cards. Then to get the car bumper replaced, and onto more road trips. Still with no travel or peak bagging partners, I then have to bag only easy and safer peaks. I prefer challenge, but safety does come first.



Up early, I bagged the HP of North Valleys Regional Park 43X, then went home to have a portable dryer delivered. I could now wash my clothes without having to lay them out to dry. A bargain from Amazon, this would hold me till Maytag starts production again.

Later in the day, I bagged Rattlesnake 31X and Twin. I had dinner, then returned on home.



With breakfast at a fast food, I bagged Thorton Point 25X easily. Getting donuts, I cruised South Virginia Street, then bagged the two bumps, Rattlesnake 32X and Twin, at the Huffaker Hills trailhead, before returning home with dinner. Doing a search, I resolved my debt problems.

Most of my software issues were resolved as well. Free now for a short road trip, nobody ever wishes to tag along, even free, and meals and lodging covered. I set the car to be fully charged, and may head out tomorrow for more peaks and travel.



No drivers license yet in my mail, so I was to stay about home, instead of lodging in San Francisco, CA. With a fast food breakfast, I ventured out to hike to Maxs Lookout in 36 minutes. Cool, and dressed warmly, I captured the morning view, seeing no other hikers. I kept the stats on my Watch, and relaxed back at the car. Then to motor along to the Huffaker Hills TH and bagged Rattlesnake 33X and then Twin Peaks. On my way back, I ran into a vet, so we chatted along the trail for maybe almost an hour, as I thanked him for his service, going back to the Vietnam War. I gave him my business card for anymore video chat, but usually they don't even message.

Cruising up South Virginia Street for dash cam capture, the sun was at my back. I got two tacos at the fast food, then home, e-signed the debt relief agreements, and so I pay off my credit cards, some $22,000 charged up. With a highly reasonable monthly payment, over three years, I get my cards all paid off, but of course, I have to close them out. Now frugality is mandatory, with less money to spend each month. For further road trips, I need a partner or few to share expenses. Still with things to get done at my new home, this will keep me about home for several more days.

Video chatting with an old peak buddy, this is a great time taker, with us reminiscing about old times, and current things. I friended her a long time ago, but when the hiking club turned to crime and hate, unfriended her, till lately. Now a newsletter editor for the peak section that sustained me from 1994 to maybe 2005, I did ask her to resign, as the Club supports hate. The now only visitor to my website, I have videos to load back and to get links working. Lots of videos don't play anymore, so this has to be fixed. I had inadvertently deleted videos to clear up space on my computer hard drive, then as cloud back up failed, this resulted in computer problems. Sorry to all for the errors by me, but I was never trained in the software.

When I get time, I will reload the videos and fix what links. Too busy for this with near zero visitors, so has to go my priorities.



With an apple/blueberry bar for food, I motored on to East Keystone TH to bag Thorton Point 26X. Mountain bikers and runners were about, but as nobody heeds my suggestions to ever bag the HP, I did not waste my time. Cruising south on South Virginia Street, I had a buffet breakfast at the whole foods store. With wheat bread and organic blueberry jam, and crunchy peanut butter, I would save some money for eats.

Bagging the Rattlesnake 34X and then Twin Peaks, this appears to have become a regular routine. I check the registers and record my own ascents. Looking that most hikers refuse to sign-in, I would estimate even double or triple the number of hikers to get to about the top than sign-ins on the register indicate. Reminded of Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, hundreds of people bag that summit as well, with many or most to decline to ever sign-in. Even with my offer to a $300 reward and a free iPhone SE, and then a fitness wrist band, nobody cares to ever apply for ever any pursuit of that goal. As my old peak buddy said, not for a million dollars!

Motoring back home, it was to bed for my noon rest. Being a weekend, I would not get tech support. Thus still unable to batch process photos, I can not work to mass post photos or much video on my website. With items arriving in my mail, still no drivers license. I received an ethernet cable, so I might have a faster Net connection. Previously, it was by Wi-Fi, and works out slow. With never anyone to ever video chat, aside from all about themselves, I retired back to bed and rest. Up again, I got food.



Up at a more reasonable hour on this fine Sunday, I had some sandwiches for breakfast. With plenty of diet soda, I first motored to the local park and bagged the highpoint 44X. Then, to East Keystone TH where I did Thorton Point 27X. The weather was nice, so I cruised down South Virginia to get a taco at the whole foods store. Then to bag both Rattlesnake 35X and Twin. I followed the navigator directions eastward to an unpaved road, so turned back and took the usual paved roads to Hidden Valley Regional Park TH. I had gotten fries and drink at a fast food.

With some worry about a freak accident, I did the lookout, and so all of the registers were okay. Chatting with some other hikers, I let them know about the hiking club hate. Done with five hikes, I sought food and drink.

To the casinos on Virginia Street, I had tempura green beans, but was refused water. Thirsty and tired, I tried other eateries, to be completely ignored, as to service. I left to get water at home, faster and free, better in every respect, as it is filtered. On the road home, I noted a hate-filled license plate, so took a photo.

Home, I refreshed myself with some of the best water in the world. If it is the casinos policy to refuse service to a waiting customer, so be it, I will no longer dine there or ever do business there ever again. A good time for a big change of scene, anyway, so to try other businesses later.



With plenty of business today, I got my photo app working by restoring from a back-up. Going for an early breakfast, I motored to the downtown area. Home, I had webwork, still backlogged as no one will help, as my old peak buddy says, not for a million bucks. Rested and ready, I went to the local park to bag the highpoint 45X. A thought arose in my head, to place another register. Calling the USFS for permission, I had to leave a voicemail. As they may never reply, I decided to place the register, with the proviso that if they declared it illegal, I would take it down immediately.

Going to the local Superstore, I bought a clear plastic tub with lid. In a big rush, I printed out the cover pages, then looked for and found some spare empty notebooks. I was quite disorganized, from all the stuff in places during my move. It took me a half hour, to locate the empty books. Taping the cover pages, I forgot to get how many times I had visited the falls. I did find the falls elevation, though maybe off a bit. This all can be corrected later.

Rushing to the Michael D. Thompson trailhead, the regular parking lot was all full. I parked by some new construction, on the approach street. Maybe 100 yards extra to walk, I tied the container to my pack, making sure it would not fall off. Cars left as I walked by the parking, but I had no time to re-park. I made sure to set my Watch, and took off for the trail. Using the outhouse, the stone restrooms were still closed for the season. I crossed the newer bridge, then started to encounter the first of many moron hikers, with no masks.

The trail is usually narrow, with no room to stay 6 feet apart. I got off the trail far enough so many times, for hikers that looked not to believe in six feet. I am inoculated, but by the looks of it, maybe the younger people are not. With this in mind, I sought to comply with Covid-19 protocol. Too many moron hikers, with no packs or even water. It was a breezy, cooler day, and I was comfy in three layers. Others were even bare topped, with nothing but shorts. Even a hiker without boots, in bare feet.

Making great time, there was no snow left on the trail, though some potentially slippery spots with damp ground or mud. The creek crossings were easy, and the final one was heavily bridged with logs. To the falls, I took my time now with video and photos. Then to collect rocks to secure the new register, and have hikers sign in. Leaving it by the heavily tagged sign, if they declare it trash, I would point to the sign. How is that even close to WILD, I may never know, as it is the government, run by fanatics and dictated to by terrorists.

Others I enjoined to sign in, and leaving it as that, I hiked back to the car, with many photos enroute. Back just after 4 p.m., I could celebrate another safe and successful hike, with a service to hikers, and to offer a choice to tagging. With my dash cams running, I went to get two tacos at a fast food along the Boulevard, then safely home to devour them.

The Forest Service may call, and I will abide by what they say. Though once, I asked to place a summit register atop Mt. Rose, and was refused since it was wilderness. What did you know, but a few years later, I found a register on top. With official signs at the trailhead, saying to sign the book, I realized that I had been stabbed in the back. Phoning then the agency responsible for the jurisdiction, they then said it was wilderness, so the register would be removed. Looking that they changed the signs, and then no register, what a waste of money. The big, national, racist, enviro/hiking club can place them, anywhere they want. As I am disallowed, I now see this as hate.

The Club fails to maintain their registers, even on their own property. With porn and offense big time, so they get their lease on federal land. I am now a local, and would bag the peak dozens of times every year, as I love peak bagging and register maintenance. They tell me that it has to be kept clean and neat, so I would service the register as often as every week. I check my other registers even a few times a week, on several peaks and bumps off federal land.

I can understand hate, as family with no wrongdoing, suffered the loss of their freedom and rights. The government refuses justice for family even to this day. By government action, some lost everything. Family died in poverty, and they still blame Pearl Harbor on us. To even present day, Asian-Americans suffer violent hate. I was assaulted three times, but the government refuses even an investigation.

I Iove the USA, but the enviro/hiking club hates it. Devoted now to planetary destruction, so they urge, and so they go.


RED HILL 8X April 13, 2021

Catching up with my webwork, I completed uploading my most recent activities. I spent most of the day, hard at work on my computer. I had breakfast early, with also sandwiches. By mid afternoon, I decided to get my daily exercise. Motoring to see my first choice of a home, I saw the lot was yet undeveloped. They told me that they would not make enough money, so upgraded the home beyond my price range. Due to be completed a month or two ago, I wondered what they finally did decide. I am still open to buying the property, as it was my first choice.

Motoring about to Chocolate Drive and Second Street, my usual start to this peak hike, I followed my navigator directions, to save me some distance. With a junked out car by the start, I chatted with some man walking his dogs. Friendly, and talkative, I gave him hiking information.

Toiling up the steep dirt road, I kept careful with my footing. To the top in 27 minutes, I started with the view captures. Cloudy and breezy, the register had been signed in once in the meantime since my last visit. It seems few people ever come up here, despite the fine city view and drive-up situation.

Hiking down, I ran into an air gun plinker. Friendly, I gave him my business card. Stepping down lively, I could not help but notice a symbol of hate. Fearful of violent nut jobs, I quickly hiked past this. Numerous wrecks littered the hillside, and though some had disappeared since my last hike here, I could not help but think of the hateful enviro/hiking club.

Seems that the City of Sparks gladly hosts a person who supports hate. The cops certainly do not care to ever consider racist-tinged death threats as any crime, labeling them First Amendment rights. The enviro/hiking club chair living here prefers a person of pure evil. A polluter, litterer, outings saboteur, who gives the wrong directions to novices under her command, incurring an $$$$$ rescue, then also empowers similar hatred, excluding by gender, then the hate-filled lies and letters, supported and awarded by only that chapter, gets total preference to someone who never leads wrongly and always gets everyone back, safely and successfully, cleans up wildland with heavy loads carried out up thousands of feet of gain, leads hundreds of peak bags and hikes, all safely done, not to speak of the most generous and fuel efficient, now zero emissions, rideshares ever.

Be it that the town happily flies a symbol of hate in the highest point seen, and so I intend to boycott the town businesses. Once happily dining and doing business, it is apparent that the taxes go to support bigotry, even hate violence. Until better gets done, I will not be spending my money in this hateful town. If or when they condemn white supremacy, this will then change. Expose the enviro/hiking club for exactly what it is, a collection of polluters, gas guzzlers, hike-haters, racist bigots, intent solely on planetary destruction!


THORTON POINT 28X April 14, 2021

Up early and hungry, I halted webwork to get breakfast. With a delivery to come, the entire day was wasted, waiting for nothing to arrive. It was a custom order, so I could not cancel it or alter it. Stuck then with a lying company as to delivery dates, more of my time gets wasted. It would have been a short road trip to Northern CA, but for morons and such, this will not happen.

Still with webwork backlogged, I get no help. Not for a million dollars would anybody ever lift so much as a finger! It would be easy computer work, but NO ONE will ever be interested.

About 5 p.m., I figured there would not be any delivery today. I motored to East Keystone TH, where some moron girl blocked my way. All captured on my forward dash cam, the idiot will be seen for what she is. No courtesy whatsoever, it is typically obstruction, praised by the hatefilled rec urgings. I finally got parking, so set out for my daily exercise.

With glorious skies, I ascended to the Point. Fantastic vistas with beautiful sights. It had started to rain, then snow. The sun appeared through the clouds, and it was magnificent. With the enviro/hiking club to hate every bit of this, I had the summit to myself. On my descent, two mountain bikers appeared. Saavy to get to here, with crossbone warnings about the rough trail, they declined to bag the rock, and sign the register.

Making it back to the car, I drove on home to also get groceries. Not so hungry, I devoured my dinner, as even for my offers to a free $$$ meal, there will be nobody. I always dine alone, as nobody will ever join me, not even for a million dollars, too. I recall the words of the Club peak section founder and chair, who said why do not you stick to your own kind, even with a plaque dedicated to such bigotry in Auburn, CA. So people refuse my company and generousity, forever. Better always to rot at home, eating mush, than to ever accept diversity and freedom!



With such a fine breakfast yesterday, I ordered the same item today. Though the Tabasco packets were near impossible to get open, I managed to pour them onto my home fries. I mentioned this to the help, where they could not get them open either. With a few photos of my old haunt, as I lived in North Valleys, I adored the under $10 buffet with all the prime rib and crab that you could eat. They do not know when they will bring this back, but likely no more at the same price.

With the sun rising, I hit Thorton Point 29X. To get some groceries, I wanted to be home if they delivered my items. Usually no porch pirates, but this was a big, $$$$$ shipment, critical to my new home. With time to kill, I decided to get my outdoor security cams onto the roof view. With some carpenter work, a 2 x 4 snapped in half. My cams went crashing to the ground, but happily, still worked.

Giving up for now, I went back inside to await the delivery. I sought to fix more computer problems, but it seems to be slow Internet. All of my other devices load my videos really fast, but my main computer does not. It did work faster earlier, and the tech support was of little help. Tired of multi hour sessions, I have other things to do.

I finally received the delivery, so happy, I stored them safely, and then was called by another old peak buddy. I then bagged Rattlesnake 36X, and also Twin. I chatted with some other hiker on top for awhile, and took photos and video of the many jets flying in. Glorious with clouds and sunset, I cruised northbound on South Virginia as I drove on home. Stopping at the home improvement store, I bought a new mini fridge and also another 2 x 4 for setting up the security cams up high. I purchased some shelving, but I was mistaken on the price, so will return this.

With tacos for dinner, I had done my taxes, with a good refund coming, and this to help pay the bills. My finances look great, with my credit card debt to be paid off in 3 years, and then no interest charges, and only a small monthly fee for the debt consolidation. My active cards that I left to be unpaid, I will pay those off by my investments. Looking like plenty left for road trips, it may be back to Las Vegas shortly. To check the register on Lone Mountain, and to get the car repaired. Wonderous as to how well it is going, and then travel and fine dining once again. With still no peak bagging partners, it may just be weak adventures, but less life risks.



With some energy, I went for a good cheap breakfast. Going to Hidden Valley Regional Park, I hiked to the lookout in 40 minutes time. With morning views, and good light, I took photos, and headed back down. Using the restroom, I then motored to Huffaker Hills TH, to bag the two bumps there. With $1 tacos for food, I am living frugally.

Chatting with the peak buddy, I was disappointed that she chooses pollution. With never ending excuses why to have brown skies and cancer, instead of clean air and water, what would you expect from an enviro/hiking club boss?



With a good, fast breakfast from the donut shop, I decided to try Mt. Davidson. To place a new USA flag was the day's goal. I captured the early morning views at the NV 431 scenic vista. With parking for hikers, I hiked up the steep, rocky road. On getting to a junction, I figured why risk it? I did slip once and fell on my rear, as the slippery dirt is hazardous. Turning back with just a mile hiked, I did get my daily exercise. Back to the vistapoint, I captured more photos.

Resting at the coffeeshop, I had run into a Porsche club. Vintage cars, and all $$$$$. Nice to look at, but they all reject the future, as I pointed out my own car. Then to motor up Red Hill, with my car so carefully and slow. I checked the register, and safely motored down, with no hits by rocks on my undercarriage. I stopped by the casinos, to get a coffee and figure what to do next. Busy with lines at the restaurants, I motored home, and bought a movie to watch as I rested in bed.

Fun with old memories back from the 20th Century, and then to sleep. Back up at night, it was to get to the computer, to keep notes. Being a weekend, my finances are pending. My debt is due to be resolved, and my plan is to cash in on some investments, then back to cash back on my credit cards. Dreaming of my good future, I have to be patient. A new truck to look forward to, even maybe by this summer.



With work on my website to be caught up on recent activities, I enjoyed a good sleep. Still with plenty to do about home, I was up late at night to get a chicken burrito from the 24/7 taco shop. With the place full with people eating at 2 a.m., I had to wait to get my food. Not really good, I'd never get this again.

Home to sleep some more, I got up late to get the news and all. Free to Friday, when I have another appointment, I was too inambitious to go to San Francisco or anywhere. There is a computer company event for Tuesday, and I might get a new, super fast computer with tons more storage. I can hardly wait for so much better, as my present computer has only 3 TB of fusion drive. I will need financing, but this ought to be easy, with as much equity as I have, and shortly my debt consolidation.

Resolving to get ready for Earth Day, I decided to walk from my home. My car does take a slight bit of dirty energy, as coal was the State vote. Too busy to get solar panels for my roof, this can wait to 2023 anyway, when all Superchargers are powered by sustainable energy sources, so I would be truly and totally carbon negative, with my carbon offsets donations. Bagging the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park 46X, I chatted with a county employee about summit registers and stuff. I captured photos of new wildflowers and also the usual views.

I usually have the trails all to myself, as I see only a few other hikers. Still to this day, most all refuse masks. Few even believe in science, let alone stopping pollution. The best car in the world could be free, but no one would want it, locally. I succeeded on my investments, with even a 700% return so far. With my investments expected to even go 5X, nobody wants any part of this. Anyone who would follow my advice back during the start of the pandemic would also have gotten huge gains. Moron family refused it all, so instead of being millionaires, they continue to live in near poverty.

So people like being poorer, with forever bills to pay, not to speak of rent. As I often say, hikers would rather be dead than to ever listen to what I would advise. I go on with my website, looking boycotted for now. With tons of information, then shortly all the videos to be working again, the moron hiking club brass refuse it all, even with everything FREE.

Going for food, I got groceries and dinner at the Supercenter.



Up early as usual, I made sandwiches for breakfast. Not feeling real hot, I decided to do Thorton Point 30X. Going to the supermarket, I ate some deli food and stuff from the coffeeshop. Feeling then better, I went to the Michael D. Thompson trailhead and hiked up to Hunter Creek Falls. Seeing only a couple hikers with masks, I was aware that they predict 48,000 more dead by August, 2021. Hiking back was a breeze, with good times to there and back.

I noted that the register that I had placed a week ago was completely removed, with no sight of it after a quick search about the camping area. The rocks that I had placed to secure the register also were scattered elsewhere. I never got any message or callback from the agency in charge, but it does look like their work. This will be my only attempt to establish any record of visitors, as I spent some $8 for all of the materials, a total loss, then.

I stopped by a bank to have them tell me that to wait 6 months before trying for a loan, so I wonder what to do in financing a new computer, perhaps to be announced Tuesday. Looking like I have to wait, this may be horrible.

I had stopped enroute home for $1 tacos. With frugality now required, I have to pay off my debt incurred last winter. Looking like local hiking to spell me for some time to come, I never got even a word from anybody after giving out my business cards. With still some T shirts and food for the needy, this may occupy me for a few more weeks. It could be a road trip should any sharing partner wish to motor about and peak bag in my zero emissions car, but likely nobody. Even with my offers to $500 a peak, with no one ever to even inquire, I am done with that. To enjoy my car, the best in the world (in its class), it will always be solo.



Tired all day, I had some food and groceries from the local superstore. I watched the computer company event on my 4K TV, with some joy at new products. I will spend some $2,000 for new tech goodies and then a new computer. Going for a hike from my front door, I bagged the local bump 47X. Plenty of new wildflowers, so I captured photos.

Resting a lot in bed, I got some energy in the evening, so went for dinner. I did terminate a settlement arrangement for my credit cards, as they didn't do debt consolidation, by them. I do not want my credit score to go lower, as this would show as a loss for creditors. So, I need some debt consolidation. I can cash in on my investments, but sort of stupid, as they are expected to go way up, maybe shortly. In many more months, thebank had advised to then apply for a home equity loan, whereby my finances would be fantastic. The bank said some 80% of my equity would then be loaned out. Then, this would finance the CyberTruck, so then the best pickup truck in the world would be mine.

On the news today, there was antoher fiery crash, from apparently no one at the wheel. I now do not expect full self driving anytime soon. Likely then no big income increase from a robotaxi, and therefore no second car or home likely. Okay with this, as it was a hope, not a real expectation, I will get the new pickup truck, for near sure. I might start looking for a roommate for more income. I have to get the home better looking, so I hung more art. With myself short of energy and time, not one will help, not even for a million dollars. I do not have such money, but even if I did, there'd be nobody. My peak buddies say no hiking or even videochatting. A target of hate, I celebrated today's justice. They can not kill us without consequences.

With numerous death threats and violence by the enviro/hiking club, maybe some day, I will too get justice. With so much hate by the land management agency, maybe with a new president, things may change. To be able to fly the USA flag on top of a peak, that would then be true freedom. Refused for this even on my own property, as they say my yard is not mine, I now fly the flag from my patio, and then to see what they tell me to do. They refuse to reply on my request for cams on my roof, for months now. If I ever get assistance, I may try this right away. I could do this immediately, but the neighbors refuse to even lift a finger. Great to have a live streamed image of the sky, sunrise, and sunset, and the nearby peak with the freeway in the foreground. Easily done, but for lack of any help, even for a million dollars, they will all refuse.

I said with the complaints by the hikers, even given a million dollars, they would still be complaining. "Not two million," they would say. The old peak buddy, said "F*** 'em." I agree, so give such people NOTHING.



Up early, as I could not sleep anymore, I kept my notes, then worked in my garage. I wished to clear space so I can hang my art. Moving many heavy boxes, I proceeded to hang posters and frames. As my eyes are bad, and with nobody to ever help, hanging took time and effort. Happy now with my art on my garage wall, I listened to music.

I had to get food, so I made a sandwich. Going to the local superstore, I asked about a loan. They replied they just do short term only, with some $8 per day charges. No big rush for me, as I may find a good lender, then my credit cards are all paid off. I could always sell my investments, but this is stupid, with the gains to be realized, to be thrown away. Getting food, I went back home, then out again to hike.

With a bright sunny morning, I bagged the Rattlesnake 37X. Also to bag Twin, I gained energy. Motoring to the whole foods market, I had a burrito, and got groceries. Cruising north on South Virginia, I gave a care package to some needy man. I hope that he wears the T that I gave him. Detouring to the enviro clothing store, I spied a sale. Just what I need, as my pants are frayed with holes. Chatting with the help, they now take convenience payment, so I spent some $438. All good deals, and what I can use. Aside from travel souvenirs, I buy near SOLELY at this outlet.

Home, I had a voicemail, so calling, it was the peak buddy, tired from doing near nothing. I stopped the call, as I take mercy. Composing a message, I gave her advice. You NEED EXERCISE! I feel better after a peak bag, and a heart pumped up HELPS.

With music and water, I did webwork. I had more food, and went to my garage to capture another photo.



With my frugal breakfast and energy source, I would celebrate Earth Day by bagging the HP of North Valleys Regional Park 48X, all by foot travel. The third time I have done this, I support no cars for this day. Driving takes power for my car, and the grid supports coal. I voted no on such pollution, but sadly the measure to go solar failed. Anyway, I always liked non-motorized sports. Home, I sought to have a nice dinner by taking the bus to downtown.

I found that the bank was closed, but some casino employees told me that the drive thru ATM worked. I got some cash, and grateful, gambled at cards. I even won $15, so cashed in. I believe in quitting while you are ahead.

Sauntering south on the main street, I noted plenty of homeless or needy looking people. I can not carry all the care packages to donate, but then I could be attacked with all of the ill people on the streets. Avoiding the hateful and violent ones, I made it to the eatery. Safer from violence and crime, I had my dinner.

Hiking back north, I captured photos at the Riverfront plaza. I waited for awhile, standing there to get a good clear photo with no tourists standing next to the art. With more photos of the sights on hiking back to the bus terminal, I was not able to use any of the facilities. Near rush hour, mostly the terminal was empty. Due to still the virus, I wondeerd how much of the travel was completely unnecessary. Used to be, I would cycle to work and play, and support mass transit.

With my zero emissions, I offer carpools and ride sharing, but never anybody to even chat about it or ever to inquire. I do have terms, as I do not pay polluters to pollute. Then, I dislike violence as the enviro/hiking club votes for, and hated a knife put to my temple, with death threats, during a hiking club carpool as I drove two haters. As it looks that all the haters got away clean with their violence, with million dollar pensions from the government, I like it that I do not pay too much in taxes. The law cheers them on, with their never ending fabrications.

Be it that many of them are educators, I saw the light and dropped out of the U as soon as I legally could. A degree from hate college, no thanks. I did go back to school, but sadly the college supports pollution and hate. I did get a two year degree with honors, as I succeeded with all of the tests. To try to get a four year degree, I saw the campus hate, with thousands to support white supremacy. No thanks for that either, so to this day, I never had any good job or income. Happy to never succeed in such a violent, hateful, polluting society, I am proud of my refusals to work on WMDs or ever support such a university.

Home safely, I had some more food. I have to be frugal, as no one will loan me so much as a penny. Misled by the banks, I will be paying $$$ interest. So, they get my big time money, and it looks now to be no other way. Hoping for a huge return quickly on my investments, perhaps the government will financially support zero emissions. They promise to build hundreds of thousands more EV charging stations, but likely stopped by an enviro/hiking club lawsuit or even mass sabotage. The club claims EMFs are pollution, and that cars still kill people.

Myself, I am going to buy into FSD ASAP, said to be now 10X safer than humans at the wheel. I believe in good technology, but likely a vote may ban it all. There is truth, and fiction, and what does the media support EVERY DAY?



With things to do yet, I got food and groceries. A neighbor knocked on my door, and we shortly became friends. Showing him my home, I hope he accepts my generousity, and friendship offers.

Bagging the Rattlesnake, I did not have time for Twin Peaks.

Cruising the main street, I got $1 tacos on my way home.



Up early as usual, I figured out some finances. Paying off part of one credit card, I would pay more on getting my tax refund. Then to sell some of my investments, to pay off the balance. I would then get a brand new computer, a lot faster than any PC. Also ordering trackers for my often missing things, I would also get a new device for my TV to stream music and movies.

With my daily exercise needed, I bagged Thorton Point 31X. Getting then some groceries, I zoomed back home. Hungry, I sought breakfast at the whole foods market, but I stood in line with futility, with slow people in front of me, taking their time to order from the deli. Impatient, I left for a casino nearby, and used the restroom. I paid some $17+ for a deluxe meal. As the help preferred to serve other people walking ahead of me, first, as I stood in line, I leave no tip for such a refusal of service. Losing $20 at the tables, I now deem this place bad luck and bad vibes. Back to my car on the garage level 4, I captured the view.

Energized, I bagged the Rattlesnake 40X and then Twin. With glorious skies, jets flew up and into the Blue. Back home, I rested in bed, and up again, steamed some dinner.

Thinking of the enviro/hiking club polluters, they will always refuse cleaner and greener. Instead to force loss on businesses, and innumerable delays for honest customers. If you do not pay them their money, you are then a target. I say extortion, but the Law could not care less but give them a thumbs up. The Club has top politicians and even judges and law enforcement in their ranks. Out only for themselves, so crime, hate, and terror goes.



Up for food as breakfast, I had work to do today. Bagging Twin Peaks, I replaced the shattered register container. Then bagging Rattlesnake 41X, I got hash browns at the fast food along South McCarran. Looking for the access and road to the top of Peak 5990, which I bagged many decades ago, I saw only gates. Good with energy, I hiked to Maxs Lookout 8X. I ran into two other hikers, so I chatted a short bit, and gave one my business card. Cloudy and stormy views, but with a chilly wind, I returned safely.

Cruising north on South Virginia Street, I had the dash cams running. To the home improvements store, I sought better for my home, but it takes them forever to do what I could do in seconds. They never e-mailed me their measurements, so I could get energy efficiency for my home. With food from the fridge, I kept frugal for today. Not spending hardly a couple dollars for the fast food, no $$$ dinner today.

To webwork later at night, still, no one to ever help. I seek a roommate or two, but online ops cost $. With business for my home Monday, I have to try some more.



Up early, I got to finances, and sold some of my investments, with a fair return, some at a 700+% gain. With some food for breakfast, I hiked to the top of North Valleys Regional Park 49X from home. Then deciding to do some travel, I motored northbound on U. S. 395 to Red Rock. Then back south to CA 70 westbound, then to check out CA 284, as it was scenic. Now to CA 49 southbound, I stopped for drink and rest in Loyalton, CA. Stopping to view some deer grazing, I enjoyed motoring along in the best car in its class in the world.

Then to Sierraville, CA, where I took CA 89 southbound. With dash cams running, I made it to Truckee, CA, where I had dinner. Satisfied with a good meal and service, I tipped $5. Motoring back home along Interstate 80, I sure enjoyed this drive with hiking. All on a single charge from home, so I never used any charger or evermore gas, of course.

Quickly to bed, with a shower and tick check, it's that time of the year. An old peak buddy was reported to die from a tick bite where he was infected with Lyme disease. Claiming to be too busy to deal with it, it got bad and by then it was too late. The morons say to let the doctor handle it, but if you remove the tick quickly, there's less chance of an infection. The idiot Club attorney says, "How can those little things hurt you?" Beware the enviro hiking club, as they are filled with malicious disinformation. To give you the wrong directions is their fun, and they also publish books with similar disinformation.

To this day, they say Mt. Brewer in the High Sierra is only class 2. In fact, the class 3-4 summit pinnacle looks higher, and while some of us bag it as well, I suspect most of their peak baggers fail to summit, believing the guidebooks. Not one of them even mentions this, so do they truly bag the top? I see them as fraud now, as they do not achieve the true summit. Be it that they go by "honor system," with usually never a pixel of proof, how much of their claims are pure fiction?

Locally, some have been found to be complete fabrication, and I once estimated 20% of them as liars, some admitted. With the falsehoods of one, and probable fabrication for another, that would make me the first to truly finish the OGUL list. I have climbed all of the peaks on that list a minimum of 3X, shortly to be 4X if ever I get a partner, but never would they ever even mention this on their website.

Movie clips



Up to get some food, I bagged the HP of North Valleys Regional Park 50X by foot from home. I noted some wildlife enroute, with a hawk feeding on a rabbit carcass. Back home, I had an appointment for a measure for drapes, to come when I get my loan. Resting, I moved my new computer to the bedroom, and also set up a mini-fridge. I stayed about home for the rest of the day, to get food though, and groceries.


DRY POND April 28, 2021

Up early, I got a progressive breakfast. To the Galena Creek visitor center, I sought information, but they were closed. Motoring to Thomas Creek TH, I carefully drove on the short dirt road. Seeking to hike to Dry Pond 2X, I took the trail, with muddy spots. There in short time, I captured photos. With several hikers along the trail, I now usually did not don my mask, as the recommendations say now unnecessary. Hiking back went quickly, with many walking their dogs.

Going for food, I then sought to try to get my camera repaired, but it looks that I have to ship it to the camera manufacturer service center. I got a call while on the trail, but they hung up rather quickly. To the enviro clothing store, they say that repair is now free, but the turnaround time is five months.

Home to relax and rest in bed, I sought to video chat with the peak section newsletter editor. I managed to ship off my A1000 Nikon, and got potato wedges at the supercenter. No time to get my torn pants in for repair, as now I have many pairs of pants for more wear or hiking.

Likely now my photos will not be so quality, and no 4K video requiring any telephoto use, for maybe 4-6 weeks. I have little planned, as I have to be frugal for now. To order a new computer and other tech, that will occupy my finances and time. The claim is that the computer company is already working on the next version of chips, so maybe I may wait till later for the purchase. The stock that I sold is down, so maybe a good time to reinvest the cash.



Up early, with food for this morning, I sought breakfast at the 24/7. Refused for free, as said online, I went to the nearby outdoor store to buy a belt and a 25 foot section of 9mm rope. Rudely ignored for another customer, I had to mention that I had things to do. Then at the register, the staff claimed rudeness and disrespect for nothing that I did or spoke. Never had I been treated like this, so I complained to the store manager later on. I had similar claims to being rude as I went to the NV DMV, with then a form thrown at me. Looking that I am being targeted for hateful behavior, I can see how employees are trained. A guy like me, they pour hate.

Bagging then Rattlesnake Mountain 42X, then Twin Peaks, I called the store as I was pretty upset. Being a cooperative member for over 50 years, I do not like it that I get such hateful treatment. Some of it looking like racist stuff, as I had to ask if their staff would do this for other races.

Home, I had food on the way, and got my pants in for repair at the better outlet. Then to get pizza, and to bag Rattlesnake 43X and Twin again. Lizards were about, and jets flew by. Having cruised a lot on South Virginia, with my dash cams running, as I motored about this day, I had given food and a T to some needy person.

Movie clip of Cruising South Virginia Street 3.34 GB (8:55)



Up early, I occupied myself with webwork. Going for breakfast, I then bagged Rattlesnake 44X, then Twin Peaks. With warmer days, the lizards were starting to appear. I then found out about money coming in, so I went to the computer store, to buy location finder devices.

Motoring over the Pass on NV 431, I parked to hike to Stateline Lookout 2X. They put in a new restroom, and I hiked the trail, with plenty of other hikers. Back to the car, I motored over Brockway Summit, to get dinner in Truckee, CA. Then to motor home on Interstate 80 eastbound, with coffee enroute, as my eyes were closing. Delighted with new cash, I will hold off on a new computer. The rumors are that the better computers will be announced later.

I had lost a card key for my car, so finally found it to attach the locator device. I can now find it with my phone, excellent for the $29 cost. With items that I lose constantly, I will get them all tagged. The tech rep who served me, was one of the friendliest help that I had ever seen. He made up for all the hate, likely agitated by the enviro hiking club.

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