TIOGA PEAK (11,513’) 6X June 21, 2020

Seeking to give another good test to my new electric car, I decided to drive to Tioga Pass, or nearby. Maps says it’s some 139 miles each way. With a range of 314 miles as I partially charged with my regular home outlet, I figured to give it a try.

I took U. S. 95 south, and then to Hawthorne, NV. I stopped for rest breaks, and plenty of caffeine. Taking pictures as I drove along, I took NV 359 westbound. This turned into CA 167. With very little traffic, I set my car mostly for cruise control at the speed limit. It handled like a dream, maintaining speed over the hills.

To the Mono Lake USFS Visitor Center, the restrooms were closed. I went to the gas station in Lee Vining, CA, to also get drink. Then taking CA 120 westbound, I motored up the hill. Getting to the Saddlebag Lakes Road, it turned to dirt. I motored up slowly, as I didn’t want any rock hits. Being so careful not to cause any damage, I parked at the Gardisky Lake trailhead, and started the hike.

There were mosquitoes, and also a steep trail. I took videos of the creek, as it flowed nicely. Then to the lake basin, I looked for a good route. I know where the use trail is, so found it and took it up. Two hikers were descending, and they used ski poles. I had my ice ax, but there was no snow. Another hiker came up behind me, and I let him pass. I captured the vistas, as the views unfolded as I climbed.

With a few rests, I made it to the top. Taking photos and panoramas, this was a moment to celebrate. I did a peak, with a longer drive, all with zero emissions, so I’ll be so Green. I looked through the register, and saw many names. Three books, and I looked through all of the pages, and as they went back only to about 2014, I wasn’t entered in them. My last ascent was in 2009, but the same guy who entered his name a lot, was still doing that.

I had my diet soda, and also water on the way down. Back to the regular trail, I sauntered down so slowly. Better to make it out in one piece, than to set any records. Other backpackers struggled up, and I moved to the side for them.

The miles were short, and the gain about 1,700 feet. I forget to resume my Watch after I rested, so my app stats are no good. My phone Health app says some 5.7 miles total, with 19 floors (?!).

Back to the electric car, it was undisturbed, but my sentry mode had some photos. I took photos to record any damage, then to motor so slowly down the dirt road. Back to pavement, the car ran so nicely. The re gen set it up maybe several miles, but not enough to get home. Somewhat disappointing, there had been plenty of hills, so I guess this can be forgiven.

Taking photos as I drove home, the traffic was again light. I had set my 4K dash cams, but as the suction cups didn’t work, I set them to the dashboard, to be held up by objects. I asked for the directions to the Supercharger in Hawthorne, NV. Taking a rest break, I now had enough juice to get on home. This took less time than getting gas, and it charged at some 500+ miles/hr.

On home, I washed off the spattered bugs, with them having some blood. I’m sold pretty much on the new car, but I need to test it again. On getting the wall connector installed, it needs to be seen, if it gets as fast a charge as it’s supposed to, and then the full driving range.