THORTON POINT 19X June 12, 2020

Up early today, I had some business, then decided to go test out my repaired car. I got it back from the shop today. Fine now for maybe another 20,000 miles, I’m asking $1,700, with papers of service provided.

Zooming along U. S. 50, then Interstate 80 westbound, it was a cloudy day. I wanted to see some homes, so getting bad directions, I finally found and drove to Kiley Ranch in Sparks, NV. I requested doing a self guided tour, so viewed some nice model homes. Unfortunately, I was lost, and due to the names, didn’t see the model home that I’m interested. Workers told me that the sales office was closed, or they didn’t understand English.

I gave up, and had some food for dine out in my car. Then to motor over to East Keystone Trailhead, where they were building new homes. I hiked up the trail, as my register had been reported moved. Going to the “N” on the side of Thorton Point, I looked for a supposed plaque. With some kids told by me to look for it, too, they didn’t see it. I showed them photos on my phone, but no one had seen this. My register book from last summer was shown to be there, but I wonder if this even exists.

I gave up, and went to the top of Thorton Point, using use trails. I had register materials, so placed a set of nesting cans with my book. It was windy, so I didn’t stay long, but had taken photos and videos. Taking the dirt road back down, it was soon a cloudy magic hour.

Back to the car, I took off right away. I had to drive home some 65 miles, and wished to get home quickly and safely. It grew dark, and I skipped any dining ops, and then I was home, after calling my agent.

Doing some 3.53 miles by my Watch, I had taken many photos, with movie clips. So, a fruitless trip, with no home model to see, and also the wasted effort to find my old register to be placed back atop the summit. My car did run fine, as I’m shortly to get a new car. I may keep both, as I want the money I’m asking for it. No response by Facebook ads, so with some few hundred more a year for insurance, it’s good to have it till I can sell it for a decent price. Till then, I have a choice of gas powered or electric.