SNOW VALLEY PEAK (9,214’) 6X July 16, 2020

After my usual morning peak bag, I had some leftover energy. I motored westbound on U. S. 50, with sights ahead. Coming to Carson City, NV, I took I-580 and U.S. 395 southbound. Getting to U. S. 50, I drove on up the road to Spooner Summit.

The facility there was trashed good, and someone left a note. I used the toilet anyway, and took photos of the signs. The trailhead parking on the north side of the highway was all taken, so I parked on the south side. Scurrying across the highway, I took pictures of the trailhead signs.

Taking the Tahoe Rim Trail north, I made good time hiking up the hill. Passing by stacks of cut trees, I presumed that they will do controlled burns. Passing the side trails to the three vista points, I’d hit them on my way back. Passing the junction after some 4 miles, the trail traverses along the main ridge, with great views. Slightly disheartened at the sight of the distant dirt road, I noted the sky. Storms were developing to the north and south, but it was just clouds overhead.

Plodding on, I made it to the summit road. Rushing a bit, I made it to the cluster of buildings by the summit. Keeping an eye on the weather, I didn’t have the time to take photos of all of the register pages. I did place a new one, and also captured the views. Not spending too long, I went back down the dirt summit road, and then back to the Tahoe Rim Trail.

With photos of the Lake, I saw the dark sky ahead. Drama for photos, but I did fear for heavy rain. Stopping for salami and cheese, and also beer, I rested along the trail. I bagged the peak, as my Watch would measure this entire hike as 12.9 miles. I detoured to all of the vista points, with plenty of time.

Keeping track of how far that I had to go, my Watch was invaluable for this. Passing the piles of wood, I soon passed by the sights of Spooner Lake. Back to the trailhead by about 6:45 p.m., I crossed the highway and got to my car. Feeling okay for the near 13 miles, I soon had ice cold drink, out of my cooler, then motored on home.

Taking U. S. 50 eastbound, the evening light was full of color. Home with a great sunset, I did this hike again, and saw it was longer than I thought, with my Watch doing the measurement.

Plenty of time to download the photos, and I had failed to do any video. I have video from the time before, in 2012, so how anybody couldn’t believe me, it’d have to be haters in the old hiking club. With numerous photos, I do have photo editing software, to be able to produce fakes, but I do not do that. Now even 4K video can be faked, anyway, with no fake detection software to be seen.

I rehydrated myself over the next few hours, and then went for another peak bag the next morning. Life is good, with the new car, the best in the world for its class. I’m bagging the peaks, still at age 68. No dining out due to the risk of infection, so I save some money. I’d spend maybe $80 with a generous tip for seafood, and also a lot for quality dining. Now, it’s pastrami sandwiches, with sometimes tomato, onion, and avocado.

They’re testing a promising candidate for a vaccine, so maybe the pandemic will be over by the end of the year. I can hardly wait to dine well, with photos to be shared, and to organize some carpools.

I’m now looking at selling the new car, to upgrade to a larger model. I can take 6 more with the new model, and with plenty of cargo room. I did get more accessories for the present car, but they’ll go with a sale, as I wish for an upgrade. I lose a couple thousand dollars on selling it, but then the new car will be nearly paid for. It has less range, but as much power, so a value for my investing. It is considered equity, as the cars do last for up to a million miles.