A TRIP TO SACRAMENTO January 17-18, 2020

Having to get my houseplants back from family, due to the need for watering as I was gone for my holiday road trip, I left Fallon on Thursday, the 17th. Sister wanted to no longer have to water them.

I took the highway west through Fernley, NV, and stopped at the further Interstate 80 rest area for a first break. Getting gas in Reno, I shortly was slowing in traffic for the chain control checkpoint by Verdi, NV. I wished to not have to chain up, and would wait for controls to be lifted. Going to get a Lotto ticket, the outlet was still closed. Going to the fast food, it was to get a small breakfast, and then wait. I got my Powerball ticket, and then waited at the coffeeshop, to get banana nut bread and two lattes.

About 10:45 a.m., I figured by the highway Kingvale live cam that the road wouldn’t be clear of chain control, anytime soon. So, going back to Reno, I would hike Rattlesnake Mountain. I had to get sunblock from REI, and picked up a few other things, and then to motor over to the Huffaker Hills Trailhead, where I began my hike to the top of Rattlesnake. This went fast enough, with other hikers about. Checking on my summit register, it was still there. I took photos, and signed in, for my 13X.

Back to the car, I checked, and found the highway was now open, with no chain control in effect. I contacted family to see if I could stay over, and sleep on the couch. Approved there, I quickly motored westbound on the Interstate.

The trees had already lost their snow, so not too great for photos and video. I stopped at rest areas, and finally came to Sac Town. Shopping at the electronics superstore, I didn’t get anything, and went on to sister’s place. She hadn’t been feeling so good, so I left for dinner alone at the Ramen House Tenjin.

Ordering seafood salad and spinach, I had the best ramen, with quails eggs and shrimp. They took convenience payments, so I could spend my money. I gave them $23 with a good tip, as this was a nice, new, dining experience, back in my old home town. Filled up, I found by her roommate that sister was still indisposed, and sleeping, so I made reservations at a discount rate, and headed for the economy motel.

Checking in, the motel room shower stall had ants, so they gave me another room. I streamed TV and did work on my notes, and then fell asleep. I had gotten my plants, as they had been left outside, as I did request.

Looking to continue my road trips, I did research online, and found the potential destination motel rates were pretty high. So, no trip to the North Coast, as I had forgotten my meds, anyway, and wasn’t really prepared. Figuring to just go home, I got up real early, Friday the 18th, and after caffeine from the gas station mini-mart, I left the motel to head back east, and to home.

Not very hungry, but becoming drowsy, I stopped for more diet soda in Auburn. It was to get home, safely. Resting, I continued along the Interstate, and stopped for breaks. Then to stop by Truckee, to take another break. Pretty, with the new snow. Then to make another stop at the coffeeshop. Passing through Reno, I was getting tired, so took the USA Parkway exit to get cash at the nearest fee-free, compatible ATM to Fallon, get a $4.99 cheeseburger, and a good rest.

The Gigafactory is by here. Where I hope that they’ll be manufacturing my coming truck. The eatery help said that they are “secretive,” so no looking for a tour of the factory. Onwards then to Fernley, NV, to get more drink, and to go grocery shopping. I checked by phone on my landscaping crew, and it was fine at home.

Capturing so many photos and movie clips, it was to spend how much. Getting maybe 6 gallons of fuel in Reno, to fill it up, I came home with nearly a quarter tank.

Unloading my car, it was to download the camera work. And safely back, it was to start relaxing and resting. I received some packages this day, with new security cams, and also solar lights. To be installed later on, when I have the time and energy.

Being another safe and successful trip, I celebrated with zero alcohol beer and sparkling cider. It looks like no more road trips for awhile, then. I‘ll be getting a new backyard, with trees, grasses, and shrubs, a patio, and rocks and sand to be laid over weed block. Something to enjoy as I’m home, come the warmer weather. It’ll be to sprinkle blue quartz over the new sand, to make it prettier, and to reduce negativity by the supposed rock characteristics, by some.

I just spent a lot of money, so need to now be frugal. I have to pay off my loan, say by two years. So, it’s to enjoy the computers and tech devices, as I now own them all. To refine my webwork, and to add to my website.

No one came to forward to team up for a free season pass for so many ski resorts. Still with no partner, so I have to limit my travels. It’s to shorter trips, and to enjoy life at home. I have to use my airline credit for a flight somewhere. Maybe then to fly to the Pacific Northwest, or to where I can afford lodging. To dine, see the sights, and to explore!