With the necessity of having to go to Reno, NV, I left home Saturday by about 7:30 a.m. Stopping in Fernley, I checked on my home. Some fellow was doing my watering, and I could chat with him by my security cams. Paying him half the job offer, I watched as he started the work. Leaving the fast food to head on, I had the dash cam running.

Going to U. S. 395 Northbound, I was to get drink at another fast food. With Wi-Fi, I saw that it had been about an hour of working. I support $15/hr. minimum wage, so paid by Facebook some $17.50 for about an hour of yard maintenance.

Heading on for Red Rock, I was going to collect some rocks. To the short hike, I found that the register was missing a nesting can. Probably from unsecured replacement, but two others with a dog came along. They gave me a clean, plastic, poop bag, so I can better protect the book. I got my rocks, and hiked back to the car. They’d be for red, white, and blue cairns, to be built in my new backyard. Back to my car, it was to head for another fast food, to use the restroom, and for more drink.

Hiking then the highpoint of North Valleys Regional Park, the register was gone. I spotted the one nesting can, below in some rocks, and picked it up. No time to search for the other can and book, they weren’t in sight. I got some more bluish granite rocks, and went back to the car.

Going to the coffeeshop, I got connected to the Wi-Fi. Ordering a new frappuccino, I sought to kill time. Checking on a pick-up, the store told me that it’d now be available on Tuesday. Going to the store for pick-up of another item, I’d cancel the late order. Getting an item in-store to replace it, I’d have my paint for my garage.

Not able to wait longer, I headed for the enviro friendly clothing outlet, to get old pants repaired, and to get sale items at 50% off. To the casinos, called now the Row, it was to get dinner. Parking on the top floor of their garage, it was to capture the sunset. Streams of red rays lit up the clouds.

In the casino for food, I checked out my old haunt. Getting my food at the bar, I took video of myself consuming my meal. It didn’t record, as I assumed that it was running. Going then to another bar, I had an $4 oyster shooter, with no alcohol. Then, I ordered another, with fine service. The bar keep was the prettiest help that I had ever seen, so I tipped well. Giving a thumbs up to the manager, I left to explore the casinos.

Having now to get home, that’s a 63 mile drive. Taking the Interstate east, already I became drowsy. Making it to Fernley, I had more caffeine at the fast food. Trying to get in a few winks, I started to feel better. I had rocks and paint for the home, with a new pack and carry bag. So, it was a productive trip, with things picked up aside from home delivery, as I didn’t have time to wait.

I had set the workout app by my Watch, so had data on the two hikes. Thankfully, I didn’t get into a car crash by nodding off at the wheel.

My garage will be an art gallery, with good landscaping, too. I’m improving my property, while investing my money.

The hike stats will be short, as I didn’t hike that much. I did capture some movie clips. Old, regular hikes to listed points in my Reno, NV, USA, Peaks and Points Club on Facebook. The next day, I built some new cairns, using the rocks that I had collected. To pretty up my backyard, as my new solar string lights. I support solar, so my home gets lit up by charged up batteries at night.

I’ll be collecting more rocks from my hikes and travels. Never from a national park, though. I obey the Law, and no crime by me. Not like other hikers, who trash, litter, and pollute. Supported then by the enviro hiking club, they violate the law and hate the beauty of wild nature. I do place now registers, allowed by the USFS. By some of them, it’s trash, but by others, private property. No heartbreak if they disappear, but for the lack of any record of who’s signed in. To go back later, to check more of my registers. The government demands maintenance, and to keep it neat and clean. I comply with this in full, but wind does blow the materials away, if not secured. I pile a good number of rocks about the nesting cans when I leave, but I guess others do not. We just had reports of record 200+ mph wind at Kirkwood, and I suspect carbon emissions to be blamed, by science.

As the hiking club continues in their hateful, polluting ways, I’m to get zero emissions, and the best transportation for hikers and backpackers. So, it will go, with 16” clearance. No dirt road obstacles will be stopping me, so we can get to so remote places. No replies to my offers online, though, so you might see them all here. A free ride aside from polluters, and even salary for climbing. In a radically new truck, by late 2021.

My life has never been better. With no rent or monthly payments, I invest my money, to live high on the hog. The hiking club refused my participation, as I led so many great trips. Never any serious accident or injury, and always to return safely, never any rescue. So they had chosen, and so they’ll go. Hikers killed, lost, and injured, with never the excellent climbs as we did, is their way now. Sad world.