ABOUT RENO, NEVADA February 25, 2020

Seeking to go to Yuba City, CA, to test drive a $31k used 2019 Leaf, I left Fallon by about 7 a.m. To get a $3.99 senior breakfast of sausage and eggs, I used my Watch to pay. Motoring on to U. S. 395 northbound, I sought to get an answer about my dirty oil, where they had given me 4 quarts from empty, after my road trip. The facility was down till an hour later, so I got a diet Coke at the nearby fast food.

I had my laptop, so got information and the news. This delay meant that if I went to Yuba City, I wouldn’t have daylight getting to Nevada City on my return. I wished to do as I did in Carmel, taking photos of the shop windows and sharing them on my website. I then decided to hike and visit in Reno, saving me the trip. Having phoned sister, she was sick, so didn’t want to go with me to Santa Ana, to pick up a $17.5k 2018 Leaf. I didn’t have my travel kit, so futile anyway. It could have been a short road trip to see the sights, dine, and also visit Little Tokyo, where family likes Japanese food. Maybe later, then.

Getting cash at the gas station ATM, I got my oil change and filter replacement. They reported not seeing any leak, so maybe my car will be good to late 2021, when I get my CyberTruck. What oil leak looks to be slow, so I can live with adding more oil than normal. It only leaks as it’s running, so no spills while I’m parked.

To get more rocks, I drove to the landscaping materials location, where I picked up 3 bluish rocks for my cairns, and white dolomite rock to scatter with my blue quartz. They don’t have red jasper or blue quartz. All bought as a good deal, only some $28. Then to get gas at $2.859 for regular, and more cash.

With my dash cam still running, it was to Huffaker Hills Trailhead to hike Twin Peaks. The register was still there, with lots of sign-ins, and I took photos. Inviting other hikers to sign-in, there hadn’t been any entries since the 6th, as the register had been hidden under some larger rocks. I replaced it to be more visible, next to the highest rock, and left to get back to the car. It looks that there were new trails, or I can’t remember, but I took the standard route back.

Next was to get some fine dining, so it was to go to Plumb Lane for the higher end eatery. I ordered prosciutto and asparagus, and later a cappuccino.

I meant then to head home, but coming to Kietzke Lane, figured to go for a test drive of the newest Nissan Leaf. We got caught in traffic going north on 395, so I didn’t really get to punch it, going up the hill. A good car, I’d get a used one, either a 2018 or 2019 with at least 150 mile range. I had seen one in Southern CA going for $17.5 k, and if they did online purchases, it’d be mine. I’d probably now get a 2019 Plus, with 220 mile range, if I could get one down to $25k, even. Cosmetics don’t bother me, and I’d rather the price is right.

Leaving my contact info with the dealer, we’ll see what happens. No incentives, so no Tesla, as I’d buy now if not for that. The Model Y (315 mile range) is due for delivery next month, but for $52,000 new, I’d rather it be cheaper or even used. So, to come back home with rocks, and no new car, I was disappointed, but maybe next time. I did get new oil and a filter, but had forgotten to apply the online coupon, so $$.

I captured many photos with movie clips.

It’s to wait and get ops for buying my new zero emissions transportation. No one will ride along, even paid for, so it’s likely to be short road trips when I do get the new car. 220 mile range gets me a longer way between charges, so good for road trips. But then the 150 mile range is so much affordable. I could live with both, either way. My total basic average budget, after bills for my home and Internet, for food, power, lodging, and camping will be limited to $900 a month, so without any sharing companion, it’s likely not to be lodging every night. With dirt bag camping, I could get by cheap, solo, and still have fine dining, but better with riders to help share.

Some guy back at the fast food was dirt bagging it from the Midwest, staying in casinos all night, and sleeping during the day. I invited him to stay in my spare room, but he was headed for Reno, from Las Vegas. He claimed to walking 150 miles to go north from Vegas, as along dirt roads or what trails, but no photos. He didn’t even have any phone.

It seems with a hot shower, mattress, blankets, music, movies, and central heating, then food galore, no one is interested. I can understand that there’s creeps and criminals preying on travelers, so some caution is needed with offers too good to be true. Being old school enviro hiking club, I like to share, and split expenses. So much cheaper and safer for all, and supported with energy efficiency, and shortly to be zero emissions, I can’t find anybody to road trip or even to travel in a carpool.

I hear that the hiking club is busy with falsehoods and slander, by them themselves, but they do claim to a million members. But never will they ever lead as good, safe, fun trips that I did, and will still do. So be it.