Having signed up for this celebration event at the enviro clothing shop, I sought to visit the vicinity of Reno, NV, once again. The event was to being held at 6 p.m., so I’d make a full day of it.

Leaving home by about 6:50 a.m., I beelined to Fernley, NV, where I had a $3.99 breakfast special for seniors. Good and filling, it was then to motor westbound on Interstate 80. The dash cam was running as usual. With the sun behind me, the light was favorable. I exited on U. S. 395 northbound, at Lemmon Drive. To then get more diet soda, and take a rest.

Onto Red Rock Scenic Area, I did my usual hike. I replaced a nesting can on my register, as on my last time, a can was missing. The book became weathered, but still good as a register. Now this is more secure, and may last for what time. No entries since the last time that I was here. Wanting rocks for my yard, I managed to get a few choice ones.

It was to go on to Thorton Point, to do another hike and ascent. My car started making a fluttering noise, so I had better get it checked it out. At a road stop, I asked the flagperson about it. Not able to give advice, I’d head for the first auto service center.

There, and complaining about the noise, was diagnosed with an oil leak. My oil had drained completely by them, so to get to a repair facility, had them fill it up with four quarts. I had no indication of any of this, as my add oil light never came on. They did say that it would be expensive to fix.

Getting to the chosen auto repair facility, I had it diagnosed. Indeed the oil leak was there, and it would run me some $3,500 for a fix. Far more than the car is now worth, I declined the repair job, and asked if I could get it home, the 63 miles to Fallon. They said to check the oil level often, as it could also be burning oil, or leaking, but not heavily, as the oil hadn’t gone down a lot since getting the new oil, some 10 miles beforehand.

It’s now looking like either an expensive repair, or to get a new car. The 2002 Saturn mainly gets aftermarket parts, as they’re harder to come by. I had been doing research, and a Nissan Leaf looked affordable. The Tesla Model Y is said to be on the streets already, But I did sign up for the CyberTruck, looking to get mine by late 2021. This would be a long time to go without any car.

In 2001, I had sold my then 60 mpg, to figure to go carless. But then 9/11 happened, and they urged help for the economy. Made 100% in the USA, so I chose the 41-45 mpg vehicle. With my carbon offsets, I would have a small or no footprint. To see the USA, as in the old Chevy commercial, is what I started doing. It was indeed fun, but with no company, even offered paid for, it was a lonely ride and drive.

The next car will be zero emissions, so it’s a limited choice. I have to decide what to do.

Going then to the Row, I had some food. I first had dessert, with a banana creme pie. I looked at the nearby Swarovski Crystals shop, figuring to get a $49 pen. At the bar, I ordered an oyster shooter with no alcohol. Then it was a plate of calamari, which went down well. I left a good tip, as the help was pretty. I had spoken with my friend, Doc Cheatham, and showed him my video of the NYE fireworks in Vegas. He related the history of the Row, first owned by MGM, then sold to Eldorado resorts. I had inquired why the Silver Legacy doesn’t accept Apple Pay, when the Circus and the Eldorado do. Some corporate thing, I guess.

Going then to the enviro friendly store, they expected maybe 300 people. They were giving away free beer and pizza, but as I had a seafood dinner, declined it all. The event started with a video show, with clips of the new trail from a drone. It now is open from Sparks to Tahoe City, with the sections to Pyramid Lake in the planning stages. I took photos, then video of the speech, and will be posting it online. The crowd was receptive to the speaker, and cheered a lot.

Offering my volunteer experience, in conducting trips, I handed out my business card and phone number. I’d love it to get more people out on the trail, and to ride or hike it myself. They did a million dollars worth of construction, all by volunteer donations and work to do this, with lots of engineering. Asking, there is a riding op for transportation between the end points and back to Reno, by an outfit called Dirt Gypsy Adventures in Truckee, CA. Mentioning my Facebook group, named Tahoe-Pyramid Freedom Riders, this was meant for the underserved and excluded. Though everyone is welcome, I never had any response.

Some day, I‘ll ride my bike on the trail, though by riding in town, I have to build up some muscle. I might record with my phone, as I do have a mount plate on the handlebars. I haven’t tested it yet for video, but it will be in 4K.

Back to my car in free parking, I motored back home. Getting drowsy at the wheel, I made it to the fast food in Fernley, to get diet soda. This did revive me, so I made it safely home.

So, it’s to decide what to do about my future transportation. I could stay in town, and ride my bike. And then to rent a car for highway travel, as I planned in 2001. The oil isn’t leaking when I’m stopped, so no oil on the ground or in my garage. But they did show me the leak. With my loan money, I have to decide about what zero emissions, but no contact from anyone about ride sharing. I have a reservation for the CyberTruck, coming late 2021. I put down my $100, I’m so sure of getting it. Could I get by to then with my car leaking oil? I really doubt it, so it’s likely then a new car.

With the improvements to my home nearly finished, it’d be road trip after road trip. But to try any of that at my current $900 a month budget, after bills, I’d need a sharing partner or few. No one has ever come forward to do any of this. Looking now like a $3,500 repair, versus some $23,000 for a used, 2019 151 mile range electric car, it’s to figure what the best course of action is. I wouldn’t want to spend for a car that I don’t really want, now that the radical new truck is coming. Hurry, Tesla, as I want the aerodynamic design, and the bulletproof steel!

With my A900 fixed, I took maybe 100 stills, and also movie clips with my iPhone. I collected six rocks, red and white. No time to get blue rocks, so another trip somewhere. Perhaps then to Wonderstone Mountain, for a future hike and an ascent. If anyone reads this, advice is welcome!