Figuring on going to Reno, for another test of my repaired car, I left home by about 11 a.m. Zooming west on U. S. 50, then Interstate 80, I got some food, then headed for my model home showing. I didn’t get to see any of the homes, the last time that I was here, and as I may be a buying customer, wanted to see the model home, which is said to be the same floor plan and items, as with the home that I’m looking at.

The realtor came by quickly, and I got to see the home. Taking plenty of photos, I was sold on the home. I’d get the home at another location, and so I drove there.

Starting a hike to the top of Red Hill, I took dirt roads along a ridge. Doing some easy cross country, I didn’t lose elevation on connecting the route between dirt roads. It was a nice view, and I placed a register on some likely rocks on the top. Leaving after photos and video, I took a loop to go back to the car.

Going through the hidden forest, there was still all of the trash. Climbing over a hill, it was back to the car. Motoring off, I headed for the Row. Planning to have the $50 three course meal to celebrate how well things were going, they don’t support social distancing, at a expert said 20 feet. As they refuse to support customer safety, I left with more photos of the casino.

Driving around the downtown area, I captured the scene with my dash cams. So few people on the streets, with near nobody to support masks and social distancing. Taking I-80, it was to head eastbound back to Fallon.

Stopping at the mall in Fernley, I sought again to get food and dining. No way would this happen, with too many morons w/o masks. I covered my mouth and tried not to inhale as people came close to me, or I had to pass.

Getting home, I had no test results yet. 72 hours ago, I took my bike to get a free test for Covid-19. I’d like to know if I had been infected, with then a runny nose, cough, and previously with a sore throat. I had no other symptoms, and it could all be allergies. I was resigned to just having some homemade Pastrami sandwiches.

Doing some work on the computer, I had to head for sleep. The hiking was 3.43 miles round trip, and 11 flights of stairs climbed. I captured 366 items, with 4K video with my dash cams, including many movie clips.