ABOUT RED HILL (5,440+) May 20, 2020

Seeking to get started on my 2020 peak bagging season, I had some business back in Reno, NV. That done, I was in position to do an exploratory hike.

About Noon, I parked my car in a new development, and set off on a future hiking trail. Taking dirt roads along a community, I saw many barking dogs. Approaching the north side of Red Hill, there was a hiker with unleashed dogs. Also an ATV. Avoiding them, I ascended up the Hill. Steep dirt roads allowed me to hike up. I captured many of the views enroute.

Having to go cross country to avoid elevation loss on following the roads, I soon gained the summit roads. Getting to the top of the highest hill, I took photos of the communication towers. To then scamper to the highest rocks, and do my photos. A good spot for a register, but I didn’t have my cans and books.

Wandering about the top, signs warned of radiation hazards. I captured the summit views, with my video summit twirls. A glorious clear day, with clear views and deep blue skies.

Finished with my camera work, I made a loop through the pine forest, hidden from most views. Plenty of trash, as discarded TVs and other items. Though I sure liked the trees, some of them were cut, with a few stumps. With views of the new development, I sure would like to have my home there.

Getting back to the subdivision roads, I took sidewalks back to my car. My Watch said that I had done 8.57 miles, but didn’t have the gain. After tending to my phone, I drove on home, with a stop for hot dogs, using my apps.

With my dash cam on, it downloaded with the video having a flashing black screen. I messaged the manufacturer for a fix or replacement, as it may be defective.

So, a successful day, with exploration done, in possibly a new urban park, as it was said that the NPS was interested in the area. I saw no ticks. I captured many movie clips as well as hundreds of photos. A good start to my peak bagging season!