RATTLESNAKE MOUNTAIN (5,011') 14X August 25, 2020

With business back in Reno, I sought to make a peak bag of it. Leaving home at about 6:30 a.m., I motored westbound on U. S. 50, then Interstate 80. Lots of smoke, due to the fires in California. I took photos, but not so many.

Getting to the town, I took Sparks Boulevard south. Coming to the Alexander Lake Road, I motored to the Huffaker Hills trailhead. Starting my hike, at about 8 a.m., I topped the Rattlesnake, in some 20 minutes. I passed another hiker, on his way down. He had no mask, so I gave him lots of room.

The register was gone, with just a rusted nesting can. I didn’t have my pack, so I couldn’t replace a new register book. If I move back to Reno, I’ll have many ops to put up a new book and cans. With smoke in the air, they had said, unhealthy for sensitive groups. I had a 10 a.m. appointment, to see a new home, so hurried back down, and back to my car. Other cars there in the parking lot, so some hikers also getting morning exercise. I used the outhouse again, then looked at my phone, for messages, and then motored off.

To the showing location, I met my realtor. We looked at a few homes, with different models. This was my fall back plan, in case I was refused or priced out, on another home. I also had been denied the home where I had wished, as they said, they don’t make enough money, so they’d upgrade the homes, out of my price range.

The homes were nice, but for the money, I’d get much better in another state, like in Idaho. They forecast little increase there, in home value. Reno is projected to go up some 10% in the next few years. With the interest rate at some 2.4%, it’s a good time to buy, but there is the risk of a market collapse, so I could be underwater.

Despite the virus, the housing market has been booming. Developments, all over the West. Looking at new homes listed on Zillow, I could move to many other states. Reno is higher priced, but it’s where I like it.

We then drove over to other homes, in Cold Springs, by White Lake, north on U. S. 395. I had seen a 2,300 sf home, and it was the model. Huge, so I wanted it, but then they said it was way out of my price range, now. On the Net, it said 378k. Now, it’s 393k. Big enough to accommodate a renter or roomer, this would help, with say $500/mo. room rent. They told me that I could get such a person, fast, as many are looking for rentals, and for $500/mo., it’d go quickly.

Queasy about living with a stranger, I had tried family. Sister prefers where she lives, in a shabby apartment paying $$$$ in rent, with her junky car. I told her to get a Nissan Leaf, as I wouldn’t support pollution. There’s used lower end electric cars, for maybe $8k. I’d have the wall connector, and I think they support a Leaf, but with all my things, she refuses to move out and then in with me.

There’s just as big, in another out of state town, for far less, highly affordable. I’m tempted, but it’d be so far from the Northern Sierra. My coming road trips are all planned to see the USA, so better further east to live closer, towards what I wish to tour. The climate in this town, is okay, and then there’s wind power for energy, so it’s greener. I could do some base jumping, but it’s so risky. People have died, but there’s peaks by the location. Though it’s largely wilderness, so few trails. I’ve already done the ones with trail access, and also the highest, so I’d have to explore.

We saw a 2018 home, but being cheaper, I refused, as I’m paying for brand new. Parting ways then, I still have to sell my present home. Told that I’m lucky to get such a buyer, it’s to wait for signatures and going to contract.

I have now many choices, to move by perhaps December. I’m still waiting to hear about one new home. I’d go into debt big time, but as I’m old, it’s just monthly payments, all smaller than I can afford and am already committed to, with my home equity loan.

Going to the nearby casino, they no longer have the bargain deals on food, like the $4.99 cheeseburger. I ordered a turkey sandwich, at some $7.99. Also plenty of diet soda, so as not to fall sleep at the wheel on my way home. One waitress remembered me from a year ago, but most everyone else was new.

Going to the Supermarket, where I used to get groceries, it was the same, all new personnel. I might as well move to a new town, with all new people anyway back in Reno, and zero friends here.

Using the restroom, I started to motor home. Skipping hot dogs, I zoomed back east on the highways, and stopped in Fernley to use the restroom, and then to motor on. Agony to stay awake at the wheel, but I managed as usual to get home safely. Only mid afternoon, I took a shower and went to bed.

So disappointed, that they didn’t have the palace like home for $379k, I’m doomed to live smaller, at maybe 1,900 sf, but better than Fallon. I can get the same size home, for much less, but as the homes get bigger, it’s a better deal per sf. I have all my plans on paper, so it’s to decide, where I’m going to live. This could be in a few days, as I’m down for reservations.

So, by this coming winter or next spring, it’s to be a new home. It can be that the deals all fall through, but it’s to have some hope, for so much better. Though now in Reno, it looks that food prices have all gone way up. Maybe no more $10 buffets, so what to do? Damn the virus, as that caused this all.

Perhaps in a few more months, there’ll be a vaccine. I’m waiting on the next stimulus check, as to pay off my present debt, a little bit. It’s to stay safe, but I do have plans for a fall colors road trip. To bag the Benchmark, till I hear about my future new home. Also to wait for the fires to be contained, and then no more volumes of smoke everywhere.

Maybe also to drive 400+ miles to tour the possible new home. In a red state, I’d need to get used to that. There’s a 2,200 sf home for about 225k. A really good deal, I would have to move, big time. Another adventure for my life, with all new peaks to bag!