A Short Holiday Road Trip, December 25-26, 2020

A SHORT HOLIDAY ROAD TRIP December 25-26, 2020

Deciding just a day or two before to do this, I would make use of my electric car. Offering a free carpool and also a free ride, nobody accepted.

Up early, I had to get power, so went to the Supercharger at the Linq. Zooming off in the dark for Kingman, AZ, I stopped to get drink. To the Kingman Supercharger, I topped off the battery. Then eastbound on Interstate 40, I captured some sights ahead. Stopping for breaks, I took the highway north to Tusayan, where I got more power and looked at the nearby lodge.

Then to Mather Point, where I captured the usual photos and video, and with so many morons without masks, I left quickly. Taking the highway back to Flagstaff, as the East Entrance was closed, I saw views of Humphreys Peak, the high point of Arizona. Still good for snow hiking, someone may be interested in conditions.

Charging up in Flagstaff, I waited in the car. Then off on AZ 89 northbound, where I stopped for food. With sights ahead, I motored along, then with a sunset at the scenic vista, this made my day.

To my reserved lodging, it was to dinner. The restaurant that I planned for was closed, and with decent lodging, I set up my tech gear. Charging my devices, this comes first. To enjoy the room, I took a shower and used my laptop. I got my mail, messages, and the news.

On the next early a.m., I was hungry, so looked for food. Nothing was open, so I returned to my room to get Doritos out of the vending machine. Back to bed, I got up to get breakfast, and then motored over to Horseshoe Bend. I made two hikes to and from the parking lot, and also bagged the peak hill. Seeking to just get good camera work, I shortly left, as the plan was to get home this day.

Back to Page, I checked out of the motel, and got more power at the Supercharger, with a look at the hotel. Heading north on 89, I stopped at the scenic vista for more camera work. Then tired, I stopped for breaks, and coming to Kanab, UT, got a burger.

Then to Carmel Junction, a fav of mine, to get pie and drink. Taking UT 9 westbound, I entered Zion National Park, with no stops but for breaks. I did not get any tickets for the shuttle up the scenic road, so I could not bag Angels Landing 3X.

Taking the Interstate 15 north, I got to Kolob Canyon vista point, where I captured the sunset. Then to head southbound back to Vegas, with stops at another Supercharger in St. George, UT. With time to kill, the fast food morons did not know the difference between sugar and sweetener, or even what they sold. I got drink at the gas station, so this revived me for the drive home.

With stops along the Interstate, I was tired, but then refreshed. I had two tacos, so delicious and cheap, then an ice cream bar. I had to use the restrooms a lot, as I had plenty of hydration, and wanted food energy.

With my two dash cams always running, I made it home safely. Then to downloads, and tired, to a shower and bed.

Maybe driving some thousand miles, I only spent for power, food, and lodging, using my new $90 replacement NPS Senior Pass, received just days before. A fine safe road trip, with plenty of camera work, and excellent memories!

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