RATTLESNAKE MOUNTAIN (5,011’) 15X AND TWIN PEAKS (4,851’) September 15, 2020

Seeking to do business back in Reno, NV, I left home at about 5:30 a.m. There was a lot of smoke, so I declined to take photos enroute. I stopped for a discount breakfast, at the 24/7 by East McCarran. With plenty of coffee, I was ready for the morning hiking.

Knowing the register had disappeared on the Rattlesnake, I had new cans and books for both peaks, starting from the Huffaker Hills trailhead. Bagging the Snake went smoothly, seeing no one else on the trail. I placed the new cans and book, then sauntered back down the hill. With time, I also placed a new register on the highest point of Twin Peaks.

I plan to move back to Reno, and that was my business today. I am under contract for my present home, in Fallon, NV, and so need a new home, refusing other cities or towns throughout the Pacific West. I get a good deal on the financing, so, as the home value is expected to go up maybe 10% in the next few years, and there’s more services here, and then it’s closer to the Sierra as well as California.

After the hiking, it was to the Row for drink and relaxing, then to call the realtor for the showing appointment. Meeting her by the townhouse that will be my next home, I had a look at the model, taking photos. Big at some 1,800 square feet, with a loft, I was sold. Due to be ready for move in at the start of next year, I will pay some rent for my present location, then to move my stuff into the new townhouse. This is dependent on the weather, of course.

Finished with the deal, I got a hot dog, then headed home. Stopping for drink and a rest break, I was home by 4 p.m.

Getting to the photos, I requested a quote for the home insurance, as my property tax will be higher. I will have to be frugal, so perhaps a roomer would help, with rent. I transferred my earnest money payment, so the home is now reserved. Now pretty much a done deal, it’s to wait to next year, when it’s due for completion.

A productive day, with my investment secured. I get a new home, and closer to more hiking trails, and far better services. Hurrah for the realtor, as I even make a small profit on the sale of my present home. I’m fearing for depression, as happened at the older Reno home, with no hiking partners. I did pretty well from 2019 onwards, as I was inspired by thru hikers doing the PCT. Getting the 4K video Nikon prompted me to begin my peak bagging once again.

I had visited the doctor today, by a computer chat, for safety, and told him of my new car, where he was interested. To get the zero emissions, and then to live back in Reno, is GREAT! I’m now doing so well, I ought to celebrate. Though I will be making mortgage payments, at historic low rates, so to get partners may be crucial, for road trips.

Living then on a limited budget, I have to be frugal, and money coming in will help. I don’t have landscaping to do, with a HOA, so no loan for that. I will then finance the 500 mile range CyberTruck, and then to drive up peaks as they have roads to the top. So in my older age, I’ll do as former peak partners, to keep enjoying the summits and the views, with photos and videos. Secure now with aging, it’s a bright future. Maybe then I’ll live to 100 yo.

As time goes on, I can move again, as I get opportunities. I have a good nest egg, as the realtor said. Likely no friends or companions, so I’ll go solo. FREE at last, FREE at last!