Up at an early hour, I figured to do this hike while it was cooler in the morning. Taking off by about 7 a.m., I zoomed over to the trailhead at Grimes Point. With nobody there, I used the facility, and started my hike. Taking the Overlook trail, I shortly came to the overlook. With photos, I only had a register set for the benchmark, so I hiked on.

Coming to the highpoint with the benchmark, I started with more photos and video. Having another diet soda, I prepared the register. That done, with numerous rocks to secure it, I hiked back down. Another stop at the overlook, with nobody on the trail.

Back to the car, I didn’t tarry long, as I had things to do back home. Passing by an open air eatery, I pulled into the parking lot. Hungry and thirsty, I had water first, then ordered a fruit plate. The manager came by, so I ordered the day’s special, tri-tip with eggs. Other patrons were having a good time, and I felt safe.

The food came, and was done right. The bill coming to near $20, I tipped $3.62 to make it an even $23. Safely done, I motored off to get back home. With rocks collected from further along the dirt road, I unloaded them into my back yard. Washing them clean of dirt, they’ll make good supports for the stems to my solar lights, and hold the lights up.

To the downloads, I had used only the Nikon and my phone. Then my dash cam videos, as they were still flashing black. Getting to my computer, I started work on my website, and then done, got to other things.

With some 2.57 miles logged for the round trip over 1:16:49 total time, I burned 432 calories. With movie clips (1080p, 2:33, 402.7 MB), I captured many photos.

I’ll be checking the register, and to hope that it doesn’t disappear again. It’s now summer, so likely no 100+ mph winds. With the rest of the day, I will relax and do webwork.