GRIMES BENCHMARK 15X June 20, 2020

Up so early in the morning, I finished work on yesterday’s post. I watered my potted plants, and decided then to go for another hike. Motoring to the trail start, I entered my name into my own trail register. Hiking on up, I shortly reached the Overlook. The register was still there, so I signed in again. This must be my 25th visit to this point, though I don’t keep good track.

Going up to the Benchmark, the register there was also still there. No one had signed in, since I put my last entry in. I then decided to do the loop, so headed north on the trail. Topping the intermediate bump, I had seen many a lizard.

Hiking onto the Hidden Cave trailhead, I looked through the BLM register. A friendly ex-BLM employee stopped to chat a bit. I had my diet soda, and walked back to my car. Getting too warm for more, I headed back on home.

I had taken my regular car, as the electric one was only charged to some 256 miles. There for all day, 120 V charging is so slow. I’m going to improve on this as soon as an electrician comes on over. Having gotten gas, I may keep both cars, one for the bad roads, and one for the highways.

I got some groceries by shopping, though there were more morons to refuse both masks and social distancing. I ate all of my apple turnovers, and had more ice coffee. I’d put up more movie prints, on my garage wall. Then to watering the plants a second time for today.

I hope that tomorrow, the electric car will be fully charged. I’ll be taking it for a long spin, to some beautiful destination.

The loop was 3.54 miles total, with many photos but no video.