GRIMES BENCHMARK 14X June 19, 2020

Passing the day with my electric car charging, I had interested people to tour my home. They were looking to move from also Sacramento, CA. No smog or traffic jams here! And also very little crime. Taggers would get caught and punished, not allowed to do even more graffiti. Myself, I have security cams, and care for my property, and also the neighbors!

Resting well, with webwork, I had gone to bed, and waking up at about 6:40 p.m., I had my new register ready to go. I bought containers from the superstore today, and printed some labels to be taped on.

To Grimes Point in my older car, I’m saving my new electric, and allowing it to charge to full range. Starting the hike late, I zoomed up the trail, and placed the new register at the Overlook. Then to the benchmark, and I signed in there. A great sunset, and while no jets were landing, I captured the views.

Capturing so many photos as the sun dropped down, it was nice in the evening. No other hikers on the trail, unlike at the Rim Trail yesterday. The Desert is indeed glorious! I had my masks on, but with no other stupid, uncaring hikers, I was safe. It’s to bag more Nevada peaks, as there’s no infection venues as in CA and populated Nevada.

Home with still light to see by, I got to the downloads. Successful and safe, with technology and a new zero emissions car, I sure like this.

To do more peak bagging, with peaks with no information online, I support exploration.