GRIMES BENCHMARK 13X June 17, 2020

This was the day when my new car was delivered. I was up early, to post my previous day’s hike. Then to wait for the car, and they were late thirty minutes, and there were two small chips in the windshield, by rocks, which they said they’d get repaired. All else looked good, so I signed the papers.

Taking the car for a short spin, it worked pretty well. Back home to initiate charging, I get a faster charger later on. It was to read the owners manual, then to figure to go for another spin and hike. Leaving home by 5 p.m., it was to make the short drive to Grimes Point.

Doing the hike, I saw the registers were all okay. With stops at the Overlook, I went to the benchmark, and signed my own register. No bad luck from my 13X. A jet was practicing landings, so I shot videos with the sunset. It landed, then flew off again to circle about to land again. Plenty of ops for video, with dusk light.

Back to the car, I saw that I hadn’t set the auto lock, as it’s supposed to self-lock when I leave the car. Good that there’s no car burglars, as this is a remote trailhead. Mine was the only car in the parking lot.

My car dash cam was set to record, so it was a good magic hour as I got back into town. To plug it into the wall outlet to charge now at some 4 miles/hr. I had room in my garage for both my cars. I had taken photos of the car in the garage with the art.

So far, so good, I had done my daily exercise, and my bulging belly says to get more, to try to reduce my weight. It’s to business tomorrow, then to test the car out better for the long range claim.

I shot many more photos, with captured movie clips. I failed to resume my Watch, as I hiked back down. It was 1.22 miles one way to the top, with what flights of stairs.