GRIMES BENCHMARK 12X June 16, 2020

Up early, this Tuesday, I went for breakfast at the nearby restaurant. Ordering pork chops and eggs, they look to support social distancing, although most customers wore no masks. I don’t like prolonged, potential exposure, so I ate quickly, paid, and left.

Motoring to Grimes Point parking lot, I used the facility, then started with the hiking, remembering to set my Watch. People had been good, and signed in the trail register, nicely and neatly. Making short work of the trail, it was only 0.75 miles to the overlook. There was smoke in the distance, and I captured many photos.

The rocks laid out along the trail had been altered. I took photos as a record, then sped on to the top. Clear views, with the register supported. 1.25 miles to here, I shortly continued on the trail to the north. Cresting another hill, with graffiti on the rocks, I hiked down to the Hidden Cave Trailhead, with just 2.15 miles to there.

Over a mile back along the dirt road, to the car, it was starting to get warm, so I declined getting more rocks. It was a total of 3.46 miles in a loop.

Back into town, I stopped at a restaurant. Ordering diet soda and water, I was thirsty. I ordered a slice of fruit bread, but then people started to sit close to me. I requested the bread to be taken out, and the diet soda to be put into my insulated canteen. So, a glorious morning, except for stupid, uncaring people. I wore two masks, doubled up, but only a few others had any.

Home by 11:00 a.m., it was to deliveries. I get plenty of stuff online, and now even more with a clearance sale.

Tomorrow, I get my first electric car, brand new from Fremont, CA. It’s to drive it to test it out, as there’s a 7 day return period. It’s scheduled for the morning, so with 322 mile range, it’ll be the life, modern and the future.

Capturing so many photos and videos, I’ll be getting to my movie clips. I have new Pro software, so it takes some learning. Come July, it may be to a big summer road trip, with the crossings of the Continental Divide. With peak bagging in various locations, it ought to be a lot of fun, with zero emissions.