GRIMES BENCHMARK 11X June 13, 2020

Up early today, I had some things to do, then got a blueberry Danish for $4.03. Back home, it was to watch a movie, then to decide to go for a hike. I knew there was hardly any paper to sign, at the trail register at Grimes Point. I figured to donate a notebook, as I have them sitting around. I had messaged the BLM, to not even get a reply.

Leaving home with my newly repaired car, well tested and running well, I motored along U. S. 50 eastbound, with a breakfast, and to get to the parking lot. With a couple cars there, I headed off for the hike. I had the notebook with a printed sheet, taped into it. I placed the notebook into the trail register holder, and signed it.

Two other guys came by, and I invited them to be the second ones to sign in. Speeding up the trail to the Overlook, I decline to leave a register there, as the first one had disappeared. Continuing on, I saw changes in the laid out rocks. Two people were about the hill that is the highpoint with the benchmark, and their friendly dog came to contact me. They had poor voice control, but soon I got past them.

To the highpoint, someone had not secured the register too well. High winds would blow it away, and now I suspect that’s what happened to the original placement. I sat on the rock that has the benchmark, and took off my pack to take photos. Then to sign the register, and to pile rocks on it better.

With good reception all along the trail, I got a message from my realtor, as we are trying to sell my home. I’m asking more than any other home in the neighborhood, but I put lots of money into the landscaping, and also tech items. I’m getting a Tesla charger installed, with also then an electric tankless water heater. Some $3,000 more invested, and if I don’t sell, it’ll be a cool place to live in.

Zooming on back to town, there was a going out of business sale. I bought a clock and an utensil holder for discounts. Getting home by Noon, it was to take care of some business, then to have a for sale sign in the front yard.

Downloading the photos and movie clips, it was then to rest. I got back up out of bed at 3:10 p.m., to work on my website. Then to be done for the day, with still movies to edit and post, I had had some somen for lunch.