GRIMES BENCHMARK 17X June 27, 2020

Up at a later hour than usual, I decided on an activity early in the morning. Still cool, I took the new car. Parking at the usual lot, some guy came to me, and spoke about the Moon landings. He said that they trained right here. Then, that there was a nuclear test site not far away. I didn’t get a good connection, so didn’t get information online till at the top.

The trail registers were all okay, so I stopped at the Overlook, with photos and the view there. The register atop the Benchmark was also good. I took the usual summit photos, and also then various lizards on the way down. Punching it good, I quickly returned home, where I get groceries today.

I had set another app, to try it out for the hiking. It was too stupid to be able to tell hiking from driving. I saw nobody on the trails, and I was the only one in the parking lot. I wore a white Cap T, and also light tan pants, so was so comfortable. I didn’t need to drink liquid, till back to the car. Popping open a can of diet soda, I was back to the computer by 9 a.m.

Watering my plants, I’ll need to get a drip line installed, as now I’m figuring on a nine state loop, depending on things. Likely also more peaks to bag, with dirt roads, so likely then the older car, as I don’t wish to risk my expensive new car on possibly bad roads.

The Project Shoal site by the photos posted online was said to be a 3 mile hike. Not much to see, maybe some time in the future. I’ll try it with the electric truck, when I get that. It says doable with a good vehicle.