ELLIS PEAK (8,740’) 6X June 23, 2020

Anxious to further test my new car, I headed out at about 6:15 a.m. Having awakened at 1 a.m., this morning, I became sleepy, so decided to go back home after a $4.99 senior breakfast. To sleep then to about 11:50 a.m., I felt much better, so figured to go for another drive. I hadn’t further charged the car, so it’d still be a good test for the range.

Motoring westbound on U. S. 50, and then Interstate 80, I had a couple hot dogs for lunch. I had to stop at the Row for a rest break. I didn’t enable the car dash cams, or have a memory card in the forward Rove cam. So, I only have the Rove rear cam view saved. No matter, it was a good, cloudy day. Going on to Truckee to get USFS information at the main office, it was closed.

Gambling that Barker Pass was open, I motored there to find that it was okay. I forgot to unplug the dash cams, so it did take some charge as the range was lower as I got back.

Doing the trail to Ellis Peak, this took two hours, with me doing plenty of video and photos. At the top, it was with a thunderhead over the Lake. Drinking all 3 of my cans of diet soda, I rested an hour, then started back. I did place a summit register, but as it’s not wilderness, the USFS may not charge me with littering. I got two bars at the top, so could get my messages and surf the Net for information.

It was nice headed back, taking the trail instead of the dirt road, which I followed up as the signs said that was the way. I took plenty more photos, and did more video. Stopping to put on my parka to keep off the mosquitoes, and to finish all of my water, I enjoyed the sunset through the trees. As I stepped off a snowbank, I slipped on mud and dirtied my pants.

Too cocky, on being near the end to the hike, I changed my clothes, and took off in the dark. I had made sure there would be no alert sent to 911, as the Watch did register the fall. Dubious if I had enough charge, I went to the Supercharger in Truckee, CA. With some traffic headed back to Reno, I sought to get dinner back at the Row. No place was open, except for the pizzeria, and then morons took my place in line. I was seeking to keep my social distancing, but the help was of no help.

Going then to a 24/7 to dine, I had diet soda and coffee to get me home. Still some 60 miles to get back home, with food and drink, I made it okay. I had used the Supercharger in Truckee, to make sure that I had enough juice to get home. I’m long sold on the excellent handling, and the zero emissions, and great acceleration. With some 4.4 seconds to get to 60 mph, I zoomed onto the freeway. Fun to really punch it!

Home, it was already the next day, so I got to the downloads and plugged the car back into the Wall Connector. I had to water my plants, and clean up. To bed for a good sleep, I had now two peaks by the zero emissions car.

There’ll be more, as I now have the best car in its class. Safety and the best performance, and having a blast of cold air into my face, with the high quality music sound, I’ll be keeping the car. With auto steer enabled, it works as I drift into the other lane. No or less worry about falling asleep at the wheel, as it chimes when I drift too far. Then it jerks the steering sometimes, as I drift, back into the lane.

With already 884 miles on the odometer, the trial period ends on a week after I took delivery. Completely pleased with the car, I had paid over $50k. Some 19 years with the older car, it’s time for the best car in the world. I didn’t waste all my money on gas, and being frugal, wasn’t into debt till now. With the pandemic, I’ll be driving solo. There could be a ride share, but no one would ever agree to the terms. I require being Covid-19 free, then strict social distancing.

Likely a peak or two every so often, and peak bagging fun will be my life. We’re mostly solar and geothermal around here at home, so very little pollution from charging. The supposed enviro club voted to have coal, and refused solar competition. If there’s pollution, it’s by their vote. They banned us, so no trips for them!