After the morning exercise, I got back home, and had some extra energy. Charging the car, I took off by about 11 a.m. Heading westbound on U. S. 50, then Interstate 80, I didn’t need to stop. I had my cooler full with cold drinks and food, so I wouldn’t have to buy anything along the way, today.

Finding the parking area, by Donner Pass PCT trailhead, I got a spot. Quick to get my pack on, and take my cameras, I headed up the trail. Many hikers were coming down, as they forecast thunderstorms, I presume. I had to step aside, and one hiker refused my request to wait till I could get off the trail, to keep my distance. He barreled right by me, potentially exposing me. A lot of places. there is no place to get out of other hikers’ way. Then, some hikers were resting right on the trail, so I took a short detour. Fearing for losing my balance, I’m glad I didn’t. I captured lots of photos of wildflowers.

I came to the Mt. Judah Loop trail, so took it left. Rubbly rocks were composing the route, and some hikers wouldn’t like it. I came to the saddle where the Donner Peak route diverges, and started with video. I had to rest and drink water, then took off up the peak, recording the route. With some sections requiring hands, I stopped the video, but resumed it after the scrambling. Only a couple shorter sections, but I didn’t want drop the phone.

Easy after the scramble, I topped out and looked for the metal box that was the register container. No dice, as I guess it was removed, so I had a couple nesting cans, and placed a book. I captured the view, and then other hikers came up. They signed in the book, but one peak was enough for them.

I scurried on down with them, showing them the easy way. Back to the junction, I had time, so bagged Mt. Judah. I did both bumps, and the highest could use a register. I expected the metal box, so used my cans for that. Sometime, I’ll get back here, for a register check and to place a register on Mt. Judah, then.

I enjoyed sitting on top, drinking up my second can of diet soda. It was nice up here, and thunderheads developed to the north and to the south. I heard thunder, so figured to head back.

The trail is beautiful, so I captured plenty of photos. Back to the PCT, I detoured to Roller Pass, as it’s only maybe 100 yards more southbound on the PCT. Taking the side trail, I looked for another display sign. The trail ran out to nothing, so I just captured the views.


With plenty of daylight, I hiked back north on the PCT. No hikers at this time, and I had the trail all mostly to myself. No water at all, but as I got back to the car, there were a few mosquitoes. Not hungry swarms, but just a few.

Completing the easy double bag, I got my drinks out of the cooler, and started on home. Zooming eastbound on Interstate 80, the light through the Truckee River Canyon was nice. I had detoured through downtown Truckee, and saw plenty of tourists eating on outdoor tables. With all the food in my cooler, I didn’t risk exposure. By me, they’re risking their lives, by tables close together. I knew my dash cams were recording, so I have a record of the main street on the evening.

Whizzing east on the Interstate, I didn’t need any charging. I got some hot dogs once back to Sparks, then not stopping till I got home, this was a successful little peak bag. Aside from that one hiker, I felt safe enough. I downloaded some music to help keep me awake. I love my new car, but I’m already considering an upgrade. The price had come down $3,000 on another model, so now I’m looking for a buyer for the car. Likely they’d just now get the model with the lowered price, but I may find somebody.

Home, it was to start the downloads, and to get the news. I forgot to stop the workout app, and it recorded the driving, so I don’t have the complete numbers. When I checked, it was more than 5 miles. On top of the lower bump of Judah, I had taken a photo of my Watch. There, it read 3.97 miles with 1,361 feet of gain. On the PCT back to the trailhead, I’d say a couple dips of maybe 100 feet total.

Downloading some 407 items, I’ll have so many movie clips 744.7 MB (04:57). One forward, one rear, for my dash cams. I hope that I can download the files from the car dash cams, but the Mac software refused to import them, with an incompatible format for the memory stick. I did tell the car company, and I hope they’ll fix this. Great then to have plenty of movies, recorded of the drive.