DAMONTE PEAK (6080+’) May 28, 2020

Having more business in Reno, NV, I left home at about 6:15 a.m. Zooming west on U. S. 50, I soon came to Interstate 80. Taking I-580 to Damonte Ranch Parkway exit, I navigated to the trailhead, by my All Trails app. Starting at about 8 a.m., I parked by the end of Claim Jumper Way by a gate. Taking a likely looking dirt road, I soon ran into wild horses. I went by the water tank, then up the dirt road. There was a trail somewhere, but the road intersects it.

When my map told me that I was on route, I found a likely, steep trail. Taking it up, I followed the map route, using All Trails. Losing it at times, I captured lot of photos. Not yet hot, the climbing was good. I felt that I might be losing my balance, so held onto rocks, as I stepped up. Coming to some trees, I shortly topped the first hill.

Following the ridge, it then wasn’t so steep. More trees with wildflowers, so I took photos. I then could see where I was going, with the high peak ahead. I stopped for a rest, just short of the peak. I sent photos of the view to people, and drank a diet soda.

Continuing on, I finally made the summit. It was a collection of rocks and boulders, so I captured the view. With another cold soda, I placed the summit register. I had seen a van, and two barking dogs, with some sort of installation here on a dirt road. Looking at a satellite map, the roads up to here didn’t go back to the car. I thought that I’d have an easy walk down, but it was to go the same way back.

Not spending real long, I had to beat the heat. Careful on my way down, I stepped carefully and slowly. Across the tops of so many hills, I followed the steep rocky footpath. Taking more photos, I’d have a great record.

Finally, I got back to the dirt road, and drank some water. Rested and ready, I sauntered down the dirt road. Passing the water tank, I encountered many more wild horses. Capturing video, it was great wildlife. They mostly ignored me, as I walked on by. Then back to the car, I climbed over the green gate.

I had to get some furniture, so after water and a rest, I motored off. To a loading dock, I safely got my new computer desk. I got a good deal on the oak desk, and then started home. No stops except to get diet soda, and then to the Fernley shopping mall. I picked up some groceries, and made it on home.

While showering, I found a tick on my thigh. It had slightly attached, so I took a couple photos, and put it into a pill bottle. A worry, then, as I need to keep track to see if there’s any bulleye’s rings or rashes. Likely to see a doctor, to get tested for Lyme disease. They’ll draw blood, and I get the results.

My app stated about 3.7 miles round trip, but nothing on how much gain. The app said about 1,400 feet. I took many photos, and also plenty of movie clips (1080 HD, 7.39 GB, 7:00). Home, I downloaded from three cameras, and that went fine. So, a named peak, but as it is overshadowed by higher ones, I won’t be counting it. I may come back to check the register, when I get a high clearance vehicle. Interesting to see if any peak bagger signs in.