Arizona Day Trip, December 28, 2020


Grapevine Canyon, Oatman, AZ, Fremont Street Experience (Las Vegas, NV)

Up really early, I needed power for the car. Charging up at the Linq, I gambled at the casino, and won $32. Pleased, I went to get breakfast. Then back home, I figured to do a photo shoot with this day being a cloudy day.

Zooming south on U. S. 93, I stopped in Searchlight, NV. My camera was not working, so I called tech support. Also the rubber eyepiece was causing the sensor to detect blockage, which then shut off the screen. The camera company got my camera back working, with a simple reset, and the camera store may fix the loose eyepiece.

Using the gas station restroom three times as I dealt with this, I also bought drink and a postcard. They did not have anything like crazy glue, so I could not fix the eyepiece then.

Onwards to a highway to head for Christmas Tree Pass, I took the rough road to Grapevine Canyon. My car made it nicely, with no big rocks to have to avoid. I did drive slowly, and was so careful, as if the battery gets punctured, there can be a fire, and the car is then totalled.

Speaking with a government ranger at the parking lot, he reminded me of this hike. I had done this back 2X in the 1990 decade, but forgot how long it was. With about a quarter mile to the glyphs, I started with photos and video. Cloudy, with it looking like rain, I snapped even more photos.

Following the navigator directions to a destination charger in Laughlin, NV, it looked that the casino was closed, with the parking lot empty. With then no charging, I knew Kingman, AZ, was not so far. Dash cams running, I took roads past the casino where I once lodged. A road with the sight of a bucket list peak, then led to Oatman, AZ, where I have been once before.

Using the restroom, I took so many photos of the merchandise at the rock store. Selecting good rocks for my home, this ran me some $147+. I also bought cups and T shirts, then walked up the street for more photos. The best time to visit, was now with even clouds and rain. I sure enjoyed this, so am considering property about here. Stopping by an art gallery, I then bought more items.

Taking the highway over Sitgreaves Pass, the sunset was magical, with soft light and alpenglow on the peaks. My car handled the curving mountain road nicely. To then finally get to the Kingman Supercharger, I had a burger with fries.

Getting tired and sleepy, I got caffeine for the drive home. Having urgently to use a restroom, I parked by the Fremont Street Experience. With no time, I used my pee bottle in the garage. With the $4 for an hour of parking already then spent, I walked over to the Experience for photos and video.

The video display had changed, and I enjoyed the stroll down the street. Throngs of people, many taking pictures. With photos of showgirls, and then the zip line users zooming overhead, this, I guess, is big time Vegas fun. Back to my car, with no restrooms in sight, I had to use my pee bottle again.

Then to cruise back home, on modern streets, I wondered if they have pro on the street, with once the laws to be proposed changed for this. Still illegal, there looks to be plenty of stuff looking to go on. I thought that I once saw a showgirl being arrested, as I cruised by on the boulevard. In the movies, it is like the old home town in the 1970-80 period. Available women, but I suppose now it is all now happening online.

I followed the State news about pro, as now it is declared a non-essential business. Some protests to discrimination, but it is to get closer than six feet. They say hairdressers and masseuses violate this rule in their line of work. With the vaccine coming, I wonder how this affects the sex business. On my summer road trip, I stopped by ops for legal pro along Interstate 80, for photos and video directions, to put the hateful Club hiker guides to those places out of business.

They stopped passing out the sex flyers, and mostly now the trade gets stigmatized, with girls to collect signatures to stop human trafficking seen on the street. I did decline to donate, but it is a good cause. I agitate against the hiking club venues for their carpools to legal pro. The Law claims underage girls working, and figuring by what the hikers have said, this looks to go on.

The first chair to the 1968 Club peak section was a big porn subscriber. At a meeting, it was made available to children coming to this meeting. Now on the ads, they will file a lawsuit on behalf of children exposed to porn by a Boy Scout leader. This then comes to my attention, that the hiking club supported such people.

Myself open to dating on social media, I am looking for a peak bagging or hiking/travel companion. I have job offers for friendship, and to be an escort. While a small few have video chatted, most all will not. I suppose now girls look for really big money, which I am not.

In about a month, I get my new home to move in. Looking like selling quickly with a profit is now possible, it could then be a home in Vegas. Offering my car, with a $10,000 software upgrade, as a robotaxi, this should then bring in income. To have this pay off the financing for the coming electric 500 mile range tri motor, and also to finance a luxury home, I would then have two zero emissions vehicles.

It remains to be seen what happens, as the NHTSB has to approve. Then I would have to get financing, but it can be my future.

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