7 STATE LOOP August 4-14, 2020

This trip was to complete driving over all the crossings of the paved highways over the Continental Divide in the USA. I had planned to bag three peaks, but I climbed nothing. Successful in the pass completion, I worried about being infected. Too many morons without masks, and many looked not to support social distancing. Little dining, and a lot of overnights at the motels, with two nights of camping.

Happy to be back home safely, I had become exhausted on my return home. I had to curse and yell to myself, to get me some adrenaline. Frustrating to get poor service, it was mainly the virus. My car seems intact, and I got back with all of my hardware. I drove perhaps 3,000 miles, the stats will come later.

My camera work had all been saved. My dash cam videos were downloaded. I have the entire drive recorded, except when I forgot to plug in the power cables. Likely to never do this again, my sleep schedule was screwed up. I got up early in the morning, and then sustained by caffeine. Good until my return home, I was extremely worried about falling asleep at the wheel. My eyes were closing as I drove, but I have lane assist on my car. I did veer into the oncoming lane a few times, but I knew that no car was coming.

So for the records, I may be the first to claim this. I’ve now crossed all of the paved highway passes over the USA Continental Divide as well as the Pacific Crest. I see nothing to this effect for anyone as far as the Net. Though I have no witnesses, just my photos and what records. No solid proof, so I wonder if Guinness will allow me the credit.

Doing Bannock, Targhee, Raynolds, Rogers, Flesher, Rabbit Ears, Muddy, Willow Creek, Hoosier, Cottonwood, North, then Wolf Creek, I have my dash cam videos. I usually took photos of every pass sign. I crossed over at least a few miles to the other sides, if I didn’t traverse the entire highways.

The plan was to visit the parks, but it was just Yellowstone. I skipped Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as the Grand Canyon. Crowded with no camping ops, the motels cost too much for me. I had mostly travel bargains, with coupons by the Net. I even skipped a day, declining to bag Mt. Ida. Also to save Wheeler Peak in New Mexico for later. With Griz on Heart Mountain, I skipped that. To be safe and not ripped apart by Griz, I found out about this as I got there.

I did see some sights, for my first time. The charging of the car went fine, with going mainly from Supercharger to Supercharger. I did use a regular charger, so this took a lot of time. I’m so sold on electric, I will never go back. A surprise was a new Supercharger in Kremmling, CO, which sure saved me some time. I picked up some groceries, at a natural food store in Jackson, WY. Also to get some souvenirs, with my credit cards.

August 4, 2020: Drive to Pocatello, ID.

August 5, 2020: Motor over Bannock, Targhee, and Raynolds Passes

August 6, 2020: Motor over Rogers and Flesher Passes

August 7, 2020: Visit Heart Mountain, and tour Cody, WY

August 8, 2020: Visit Yellowstone National Park

August 9, 2020: Tour more of Yellowstone, then pass through the Grand Teton National Park

August 10, 2020: Motor over Rabbit Ears, Muddy, and Willow Creek Passes

August 11, 2020: Motor over Hoosier, Cottonwood, North, and Wolf Creek Passes

August 12, 2020: Start to return home, passing through Moab, UT

August 13, 2020: Emergency lodging in Lehi, UT, after visiting Helper, UT

August 14, 2020: Made it home by Interstate 80

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