January 6, 2019

Up at a good early hour, it was to get to the news, and to motor home. I walked over to the gas station mini-mart to get caffeine. Shortly then on my way, it was to motor along Interstate 15 southbound. Passing through the Virgin River Gorge in the dark, I came to Mesquite, NV, where I stopped for drink and a smoothie. It was to head on frequently using restrooms, as I knew where they were.

Coming into Las Vegas, it was to take the 215 west, and there were detours and construction. To U.S. 95 north, it was to continue the habit, to stop to use a restroom, and buy something. I stopped at Indian Springs, Beatty, and Tonopah. Resting there, it was to get apple pie at another fast food. Onwards to Hawthorne, I stopped again for soda. Resting a lot, it was a shorter way home.

Walker Lake made for a photo stop, and then over some slight passes. No stop in Schurz, and then to the outskirts of Fallon. I had to relieve myself, so did so right out of town at a gas station. Coming home just past 5 p.m., I had done it again. A safe and successful road trip!

Unpacking my things, I got to a complete download of all of my memory cards and also the phone. I took a shower, and saw that everything was okay. I had things to do, as paying bills and getting back to normal. Taking photos of my souvenirs, I put away my things, and would be ready for another road trip. I need to get the main point-and-shoot fixed or replaced, and restored heat, and power to my devices. Then to be off again!

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