January 3, 2020

Up at a good hour, it was to walk to get caffeine. There is a nearby Chevron, so I could buy diet soda and an energy drink. Getting information, and streaming what news, I was waiting for the call from the auto repair. Going at 5:30 to the fast food, to get a drink and a smoothie, I knew that they wouldn’t be calling at so early an hour, so took my time.

I’m here in Flagstaff, and wondering how it’ll go. My plans are to test out the repair, by motoring through bucket list towns to visit. They finally called at about 9:30 a.m., and I waited in front of my motel. The same man picked me up, and took me to the shop. Paid by credit card, and I spoke with them to see that was well tested. Just to make sure, I wouldn’t be going to the Grand Canyon today. I’d stick to the traveled Arizona 89 highway, to visit Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, Watson Lake, then Prescott. AAA could come and get me if my car didn’t start.

I had to return the superstore battery, as now I had two. Looking for the location, I took the battery in and got cash as my refund. So, I now didn’t need to go to an ATM, with another $80 in cash. It was to use my navigator to get to Sedona. 

The drive was beautiful. Oak Creek Canyon was gorgeous with snow. Though into the sun, my dash cam was going. I took more stills as I drove along, and the red rock walls were a sight. I passed so many good hikes, but I had no time to stop. Finally to Sedona, I knew that there was free parking. I got out and went to the main street, used a restroom, and took photos and video. The views of towers and spires about were good, with the art and buildings. They were working construction, and traffic was jammed going through town. Going to a camera store, I looked for a Nikon camera case, but they didn’t have any. I had seen the town before, so didn’t take too long.

Motoring off south on 89, my dash cam would be recording. More businesses lined the way, and then it was to traffic circle after circle, today. My navigator told me right about them, and which way to go. I motored onwards to Cottonwood, and got again free parking. I strolled down the main street, checking a European bakery. They didn’t have jelly donuts, or banana bread, or anything that I wanted, nor to take Apple Pay.

Finished walking down the main street, I went back to my car. Setting the destination as Jerome, I’d also see this town. Getting there, I waited for someone to pull out of parking along the curb. That done, I began to stroll about. I used the restroom, and took photos and did video. Typical for my road trip, and not to spend a penny. I skipped seeing part of the town, as I wanted to complete the drive in daylight, so couldn’t yet dine. They had said there was good eating here and in Prescott.

Motoring off, the next destination was beautiful Watson Lake. It didn’t come up on my navigator, so I had to look for it by sight. I found the signed turnoff, and entered the park, with a $3 fee paid to a machine. Parking, I started with photos. You can see the San Francisco Peaks by Flagstaff, in the far distance. I took a trail left, and looked for some better vantage point. I failed with a short scramble, as I had no time. Going to the boat ramp, two kayakers were there, preparing for a paddle. The trail was slightly damp and muddy in spots. I had my trail shoes on, and back to my car, motored off.

Going into Prescott, I got free two hour parking on the street. Walking about the courthouse, I took more photos and video. Back to the car, I surmised that this was the historic district. Using my iPhone, I looked for dining. I found a ramen shop, and it was a short way away.

To the restaurant, I left my car to be watched from my table. Ordering ramen, I had extras as they took Apple Pay. A $20 bill, but it was right for me. I had music as it was a two person band playing on this Friday night. I did a short few video clips of them playing, as the music was good. The sunset wasn’t that much, but I captured the sight as I left the eatery.

Directing my iPhone to guide me to Williams, it was fine at that. Soon, I was motoring north on the highway, then came to my motel. It was luxury, with free Apple cider. I got my room, and started with charging and back-up. Still holiday decorations and cheer, and it’d be to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. My car repair was successful, with never any further starting failure. I had to decide whether to go on to New Mexico, but with undue expenses, figured to see other sights. I made more reservations, for a return back home.

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