December 30, 2019

Up so early, I had caffeine and a smoothie at the fast food. Then getting Arco gas, it was to head north on Interstate 15 towards Las Vegas. It was a sunrise ahead, and then to Baker, CA, where I went by the visitor center, which was closed. The giant thermometer made for a sight. 

Zooming on, it was to snap photos of the views ahead. At the newer rest area, I took photos of snowy Clark Mountain. It was to continue along the Interstate, then to approach Las Vegas. I had a bargain room reservation, and rates would go way up the next day, for America’s Party. I sought to get my camera fixed, so found a repair store. They would have to ship the camera to Nikon, so this was out.

Cruising over to the Strip, it was to take the free hour garage parking at the Bellagio, to quickly see the Conservatory, and take photos, then to motor south to the city Welcome sign, a big photo op. Turning back north, I was recording with my dash cam, to get the essence of the Strip, with light from behind. 

Going then to Fremont Street, I took the fee garage parking. With an hour, I toured the Experience, with video of the zip line users. Rushing back to my car, I just made it out of there without being charged more than the $4 for an hour.

To my motel, I then figured to go to the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Taking the 215, it was to motor west on Charleston, then to find the park was closed, due to too many people. I stopped by the highway overlook, to get photos, and turned back to go into town. 

It was to get ramen at the best noodle house, then as it became night, went back to the motel. It’d be some $260 for the next night, as they expect some 400,000 people for the New Year celebration. I had reservations for Kingman, AZ, as there was no exorbitant rate there.

Meaning to sleep late as to stay up for midnight, I sought to get up later in the morning. It was then to the electronics warehouse to get a card reader and an adaptor for my SD Mini memory card, as I left mine at home, figuring poorly. I asked to make sure that they were compatible with what I had. Back to the motel, I was now able to download my work into my laptop and an external hard drive that I had brought along. My camera work was now backed up.

The local TV news stations dwelled on the coming celebration, and there’d be lots of security. Some gas station help advised me to stay away from the Strip, referring to the mass shooting a couple years back. “If you value your life,” she said. So, I’d have to decide. They’d allow me to park there if I chose to do so, and walk over to the Strip.

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