December 29, 2019

Up early again, it was to get to the laptop and the news. I’d head southbound down Highway 1 today. After the usual dose of caffeine, it was to head down the coast. The sunrise was cloudy, but with some drama. I made quick time motoring south, getting to Big Sur. Stopping at the State Park, I got information. I knew the road to Cone Peak was closed, so wouldn’t try for an ascent there. It was to the visitor center restroom further down the highway, which was a savior.

With a stop at McWay Falls turnoff, I knew of the facility there. Paying the $6 fee, I hiked down the trail to find a “Trail Closed” sign. There was a side view of the falls, so still good for camera work. Two people were coming back and reported being ticketed by the ranger. They had slipped past the fence barrier. Good to know, as I was thinking of trying this. The ranger shortly came by and we talked. He was from Folsom, so knew California. I had worked by the State Parks headquarters, so knew some staff back in the 1980’s.

Onwards down the coast, I stopped at scenic views. Great captures for my dash cam, with drama in the sky. I captured some surfers on distant waves, though better with my now broken camera, with telephoto zoom. Not hungry, I didn’t stop at the classic restaurant for any meal, but just drove on. No great op online to reserve a tour for Hearst Castle. It was to stop at the elephant seal viewing where they were there. Throngs of tourists, but no facilities.

On to a facility, it was to go on to Paso Robles, CA. I changed my plan, and would head for Las Vegas. I had been to L. A. on my 1999 Winter road trip. The traffic would be horrendous on this holiday, all returning to town. Taking roads to Lost Hills, CA, I didn’t see the James Dean memorial site, but for information at the previous westward rest area. It was to go really fast on the highway, to Interstate 5. Too many cars on the freeway.

Turning off on the Seventh Standard Road Exit, this went over nicely east to U. S. 99, then south to Bakersfield. There was dining, but out of the way. Taking CA 58, there was snow going over Tehachapi Pass. Quite the sight! Zooming on to Barstow, CA, in the dark, I had bargain lodging there. I had to sleep, and had diet soda in the cup holder. It was to use the bathroom first as I got there, and checked into my room.

Then to tend to the usual things, and seeing where to dine. The nearby hot dog eatery was closed, so walking back to the motel, I nibbled on food that I had brought along. I’d feast in Vegas, so saved my stomach for that. Again, to sleep early.

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