December 28, 2019

I got up so early again, and left with my things. Leaving the room key, there was no one at the desk for an early check out. Motoring to Mariposa, CA, I got diet soda. Heading on in the dark, it’d be to Monterey, CA, and then Point Lobos. Using my phone, I navigated in the dark, on the correct roads. This was good, as I’d get lost without it. The way was complicated, with many turns to do. Stopping at a fast food in Los Banos, CA, I used the free Wi-Fi and my laptop, with plenty of drink and caffeine. Then to CA 152, and over Pacheco Pass. It’d be to San Juan Batista, CA, for quick photos and a drive thru.

I decided on going to bag Fremont Peak 5X. Motoring up the poor, potholed, paved road, it was bumpy and rough. I knew this road, so went expediently. Paying the $6 fee at the parking lot by the self-serve, I motored up to the trailhead. I just took my camera and phone to the top, as it’s only a short hike. Scrambling up the top rocks, I recorded with my phone. This is a better way. Two others were on top, also with a camera. They soon left, and I recorded the view. No register materials, and I had no permission from California State Parks. So, I never placed any registers on this trip, though I had books and cans along. The short descent went quickly.

Back to the highway, it was to motor to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, where I needed a rest break. Then to Point Lobos, where my ticket stub from Fremont Peak State Park was said to suffice to alleviate payment of the $10 entry fee for the Reserve. A sign stated the lots were full, but I got in anyway. Waiting for parking at Whalers Cove, I got a spot.

It was to take the North Shore Trail. Lots of people. I used my camera and phone to record. It was the usual sights, and to enjoy the road trip. I’d been here a few times before, but it’s been years. Most all was the same. Getting to the Cypress Grove trail, I took it. The waves were crashing, so good for video. A good, sunny day, with fine weather. I declined Whalers Knob, and headed back.

Going then to Carmel, I walked the streets, and took so many photos of the window displays. Good with holiday decor, but I declined dining or buying anything. 

Then, it was to park by a fee parking meter at Cannery Row in Monterey, CA. While getting to things in the trunk, my main 4K video enabled,  20 MP camera fell out of my camera pack. It took a shot, then stopped working. I had extra cameras, so started to use them. I could try to get repair somewhere. It was to walk down the street to the shops and restaurants. I had to take this in stride. Bad things do happen. I got my photos, by another camera, and headed for a familiar restaurant. I had the halibut fish and chips to better enjoy, and spend my cash. All was not lost.

My plans then were to head down the coast to eventually Los Angeles, where I might get a camera repair. For tonight, it was then back to Salinas, CA, where I had cheaper lodging. My phone navigator worked well, and then I was checking in. My first bargain motel for the trip, I had to get used to this. To plug in my devices for charging, to then get information, and to stream the news on my laptop. Taking a shower, I had extra underwear for changing into. I fell asleep early as I usually did on this trip.

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