December 25, 2019

Up early, I got to my laptop to see about a holiday buffet at the Roseville casino. At opening, they weren’t too busy yet. I urged for leaving to get no big lines, so sister finally got going. Her roommate refused a free deluxe buffet, and so did friends. I drove my car quickly to the casino, where we got in right away. We chose items, and it was quality. Getting a table, we dined, and I took photos of the plates. I took my time, as to get some appetite for seconds. I drank water as I sat at the table. Going back for seconds, it was a good holiday treat. Sister filled herself, and refused more, then I went for dessert. Taking a photo of the Christmas tree, this would be an event to remember. 

Motoring back home, I wanted to shop at the electronics warehouse enroute. I couldn’t use my phone while driving, so asked sister to check. She’s too diminished to get the information on her phone, as she must be low IQ. I had to exit the freeway and look for myself. It was closed for the holiday. We went back home, and it was to relax, and to do what celebration. I had gotten information online, as she was smart enough to have Wi-Fi. But then, I couldn’t get a connection, so went to the nearby fast food, where I stayed to get a signal.

Mostly at the fast food, it was to chat with some old timer who said that he needed money to get back to San Francisco and his home. No credit card or brains. I suggested hitching, but he said that he was too old. I had seen people on the nearby freeway ramp, looking for a ride. I don’t give money to strangers, as it could go to drugs or crime. He claimed to be a Vet, but that is an old line. With ID, I could check quickly online, but this is an invasion of privacy.

Back to the apartment, I was game to get out of there. To get going on my road trip, where I had motel rooms awaiting. No password or fix then for the presently defunct, apartment Wi-Fi. I slept again on the couch.

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