December 24, 2019

Leaving home at about 8 a.m., this fine Tuesday, I motored west on U.S. 50. I had checked my home, and taken photos, so I can review the rooms to see that the power cords to say, my space heaters, had been unplugged, and the computers and tech devices were off. For some peace of mind, and for a last record in case I get burglarized as I’m gone. To Fernley, NV, I stopped for a rest break at the Interstate 80 rest area, then motored through Reno, stopping for Arco gas. Over the Summit, it was pretty with fresh snow. 

I am older, so can’t hold it in as well, and need to relieve myself often. I stay hydrated, with plenty of Diet Coke. This would be a problem, and I frequently get pained, as I hold it in. Sometimes, I have to let loose a bit as I get to a facility, and my briefs get slightly damp. Just the way that you get as age approaches, and you do travel. And better to stay alert and not falling asleep at the wheel, so the water and caffeine, which makes me feel better. I know rest areas and towns where they support rest breaks. I don’t have to spend time looking. I can beeline to a facility, and make plans for stops. I also have a pee bottle and wag bags in my car trunk for emergencies.

I made it to Auburn, CA, where I took a photo stop. I like this town, with many visits. I walked the Old Town and took photos, seeing the shops. I did this a lot, to quickly tour the historic section, and usually to never spend a penny, but visitors to my online sites can see the photos, and maybe visit and spend themselves. What may help the local economy.

Motoring on to R Street in Sacramento, I ate ramen at an old favorite haunt, as I lived there at the Mews. I also had side dishes. Good to see what changes, and the town had become hip and more modern. Sort of like Portland, OR. Motoring on to an apartment with family, I unloaded some things. They had Wi-Fi, so I could be connected by my laptop and phone. Also to charge my devices.

We went for a short hike at Cosumnes River Preserve. Walking the boardwalk, and with a short stop at the visitor center, most all was like it was. Some birds, but not many. 

Then, it was to the newer mall, for a stop at the Starbucks, to get food and a drink. Next, to see the IMAX 3-D showing of the latest Star Wars movie. The final ninth episode, I remember in the mid-late 1970’s, that I had seen the first one, and had a T-shirt. Over my life span, I had seen all of the series, and enjoyed them hugely. I have some of the episodes in my DVD collection, and will get the latest one on iTunes as it becomes available. It was great to finally see them all!

Back to the apartment, family is somewhat diminished. Rather than invest smartly like me, they even lost money. They could have a home, but instead pay rent. A shabby dwelling, but so they prefer. I had offered to build an attachment that would be new, and modern, but it was refused. To live and die in Sacramento is the preference.

I surfed on my laptop. I fell asleep on the couch. I have a spare room in my own home, with mattress, but I get no visitors or guests. They have a junky TV and poor sound. So be it with them to have junk, not quality.

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