January 2, 2020

Motoring eastbound on Interstate 40, I stopped in Williams, AZ, for a rest break. My car then wouldn't start again. I called roadside assistance once again, to get a jump. Phoning about for auto repair, the shops had been closed. Some mobile outfit in Flagstaff, AZ, could come by, but charged a $150 fee for the driving. My car now would start after the jump, so I left for Flagstaff. It was to not stop in the dark, and make it to the repair location. Getting to the auto parts store, I sought to wait for my 1 p.m. appointment. They’d come on by, as they said their shop already had 10 cars. The car then refused to start. I went to a nearby diner to wait with my laptop, and breakfast. Most all local repair shops were busy.

The mechanic came by, and said the battery lost charge as it turned over, and suggested to never shop for auto parts at the superstore. I then got a new $130 battery from the auto parts store, with free installation, and would return the other $80 one. I just got a jump from the mobile repair man, then decided to have the car checked at another local shop, who could take a look at it today. Driving there, my car wouldn’t again start. I got an estimate by phone after being given a ride to my motel. It needed a new starter, easy and cheap enough, so I had second thoughts about going to New Mexico. I’d have to lodge in Flagstaff overnight. A day lost. I figured to cut my road trip short.

At the motel with my laptop, I did research. It was an extra 1,700 miles or so to go to Roswell, NM, and back to Nevada via Moab, UT, and Vegas. My plans were to go to Moab, again, where the room rates were low. Walking about a mile to a Pho shop, it was to get trendy decor and the shopping ops at a smaller mall. There was no cell signal, and no available Wi-Fi. I was stuck once again. The rare beef Pho was expensive, and they didn’t give me any password, despite Wi-Fi available at this mall. They didn’t have any small size, so no stars for this place.

Walking back to the motel, I stopped at a wireless company store, where they sold 5G phones. The help said cell service is spotty, and blamed it on the local tribe. There’s Reservations all over about here, so they set limits on the number of cell towers. The cheapest phone supporting 5G was some $1,300. I’ll wait for Apple, who will do it better and cheaper. My phone had read 5G signals in various places, but as it is, they’re late to the party.

With the coming 5G networks, there’s going to be cell towers everywhere. Some say health hazard, but it’s been tested in South Korea. No cancer clusters there, as some may say. I myself can go either way. Companies say there’s no scientific evidence that 5G is harmful. Who really knows?

Back to my room, I got connected again. The Wi-Fi is slow, but better than at this mall. I backed up my data. Then it was to bed.

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