January 1, 2020

After some several minutes, it was over, and the crowds started to leave. I had to use a restroom, but could only walk as fast as the crowd cleared the way. I held it in till after I got back to my car, and departed the area, finding a mini-mart to use a distance away. It was now 2020!

To the new Interstate 11, I zoomed along to Arizona. My devices changed to Mountain Time as I went over the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman bridge. Almost zero traffic on the way. Speeding along, I had to get diet soda to keep awake. Stopping where I saw a big open sign, the gas station and store there were closed. I took photos of the murals, even, with aliens and movie stars depicted.

Then, my car wouldn’t start. Stuck here, I called roadside assistance, and they’d come by in about an hour. Using my pee bottle, I waited, and then the car showed up to give me a jump. I figured it was my old battery.

Motoring on to my motel, they had cancelled my room reservation, as I failed to check in. They had one room available, and would charge me for the next night. What a deal! I could sleep long and still have a room. I quickly fell asleep, and woke up past Noon. The motel manager approved the deal, and I am so grateful. Keeping notes on my laptop, it was to enjoy what to do here. Walking to the fast food, I then got a new car battery by the highly prevalent superstore. For the low price, my car issue would presumably be fixed, and so I could go on with my road trip. I was able to cancel my reservation at another motel for tonight, and sleep at the current locale. I’d have overslept the checkout if I had stayed and paid for the night before.

Happy, it was then to search a good place for dining. I had to chose the 24/7 diner, as there was little else. What better for a road trip! Then to tend to the devices, with charging and back-up. I e-mailed a video clip of the 2020 celebration, and it looks that sister couldn’t view it, as she’s not too smart. It was to plan for the next several days, and I made sure to patronize this motel chain.

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