TAYLOR CREEK AND MORE October 12, 2016

Photos at the Thousand Peaks Club Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/petesthousandpeaks/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1120913687991624

Having good days and bad days, I didn’t sleep at all this Tuesday night. The same set of circumstances affected me on all of my other hiking days, this season. With no or little caffeine consumed, now, I still don’t know what causes me to have a rotten feeling.

The days of fall color weren’t over yet, so I opted to see the scenic Taylor Creek. With a visitor center just north of Camp Richardson, I ran my dash cam video, and then took my walk for the day. Hardly a half mile, I felt it was better to not overdo it.

There were still a good number of empty parking spaces, so I took a spot, and started my short hike. The aspen were going good today. Last year, I had come too late. Where the rocky beach was to view the Kokanee run, it was submerged. You can’t get close to the normal viewing places, due to some high water. I took pictures of the trees, as cottonwoods were going as well.

To the bridges that cross the creek, I didn’t spot hardly a fish. There were a few in the profile chamber, but not the larger schools of reddish fish, as my previous times. So, I didn’t waste my time. Motoring off, I ran my dash cam, hoping to work on some segments of highway. There was road work, but the trees had mostly turned nicely.

Making a loop about the Lake, I wondered about food somewhere. I stopped in Truckee, CA, for a bite. A fairly newer spot had good Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine, so I parked with four quarters, and about forty five minutes. I enjoyed the smaller portions, and had explained to the waitress my time situation, so they had brought it out fast.

Having more than enough time to consume the platter of food, I headed off for Interstate 80, but then stopped at the ranger station. I knew that Hunter Creek Falls was running good, and asked about Webber Falls. A trickle by the drought, I may visit during the next spring.

Zooming east on 80, I stopped at the enviro clothing store, and looked about. No sales, but I had enough outerwear as it was. They’ll be moving to a downtown location soon, and I can get there by bus.

To Mayberry Park, I took pictures of the flora, which were a show of grasses and shrubs. Walking across the hiker bridge, I topped the bump which has long given me my 40 minutes of exercise. I had my best cameras, so made use of them.

Then it was to head home. I had a strawberry shake, then went out later for some chicken wings.

I didn’t set my Watch for the usual stats. No one cares. Roughly estimating, my phone app suggested 4 miles with 4 flights of stairs. Unshaven and looking a bit derelict, I suppose this is why I am avoided.

This will be a long winter. Rain, and even snow at the higher elevations, is shortly due. I can go to the Desert if I get too inactive, but I like how my now deceased hiking buddy had it for himself. He walked to get the newspaper, and to get his mail. Although his driving 60 miles a day to have a buffet lunch with friends seems bad for the air and carbon emissions, it’s a free country. He reported lots of money at the time, and I wish he had willed me some. What homes or property he gained was said to be in the millions. Never then with mental health issues, he started to appear senile, but lived in his home till about a half year before his placement in a care home, and then passing away. I assumed that he’d live to his 90’s, and even he thought a 100. With my own problems, I wish it to be fast. With no friends or any social company, it’s pretty depressing. I often dream of living back in my old apartment. Walking to eat, and to shop, that was great for my health.