HUNTER CREEK FALLS September 16, 2016

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Almost resigned to being dead, I figured to make an effort. Halting the diet soda, and other junk foods, I went to the supermarket to get salmon, the super food. I got rid of some potential VOCs, paint fumes, and made some progress on clearing stuff out of my house. Thursday night, I didn’t sleep a wink. I had updates to my software, and this looked promising for tech assist for my health.

Motoring over to the casino about 4:30 a.m., I had breakfast. Then, this Friday, I early shopped for more salmon with asparagus, and lots of healthy juices. Home, I rested, and decided then to go for a hike. I’d already seen Hunter Creek Falls, so I could turn back at any time, and it is a short drive.

About 12:30 p.m., I motored south on U.S. 395, then west on Interstate 80. Exiting on West McCarran, I headed out to Mayberry, and then left on Plateau, to Woodchuck. Feeling better, I started the hike from the Michael D. Thompson trailhead, with a light pack. I didn’t have time to subscribe to an app that I used, so mostly, I didn’t find out about the software improvements, then.

Lots of room for parking, there were a few people on the trail. I steadily hiked on up, and due perhaps to the three cups of coffee that I had the day before, I was eliminated of what exhaustion. I stopped to drink, then continued up. Passing a few hikers, I arrived at the falls at about 2:20 p.m.

Three guys with a dog were there, and the dog put its paws on my pants, getting them dirty. Plenty of incidents where out of control dogs go after other hikers, wearing no leashes. I went to the falls, and did some camera work. Not tarrying, I left by 2:33 p.m., then ran into more hikers on my way down. Another rest, and then to the trailhead, getting there by about 4 p.m.

My hardware told me that I had walked 8.4 miles with 46 floors gained. 18,836 steps, btw. The Hunter Creek hike to the falls and back was given as 5.2 miles round trip, with about 1,200 feet of gain, and perhaps 200 feet of dip, both ways. I had walked about the neighborhood, testing my hardware, and at the casino, too, but the inaccuracy of the figures leaves me astounded that people will spend so much on this stuff. Not like good scientific instruments.

Sore and slightly aching, I never thought that I’d be doing this, with my medical problems. I had phoned family, to tell them of my situation, wanting to end it all. Being 64, I figured that it was near my time, and the doctor still couldn’t find anything. I look much younger, and hiked Mt. Rose two months ago, but I did video of myself at home, and captured my exhausted, tired, and fatigued (as well as aged) look.

I go day by day. To get up earlier to make coffee, then, and not diet soda, and so to the computer for mental stimulation. Then to some activity, and then back to the computer. Salmon and asparagus for dinner. I imagine that I’ll get over the novelty of the updates, and go back to sleeping all of the time. Screaming in bed, it’s all that I can do to fight this. Just lack of further interest in living.

If everything goes black, and the ambulance comes to take me away, I’d be in another world. Not to care, or to worry, or to be upset. No one lives forever. I’m targeting 2020 as to finish my house payments, and to enjoy the extra money that I’ll have.

There’s a Net prediction of an economic collapse on September 27, but they’ve made those before, to come to nothing. Older family lived during the Great Depression, and commented a lot that us kids never knew any of that. It’s said to be a super collapse, of the greatest nation and worldwide monetary system, and Net commentary makes believers out of some, by the looks of it. They make their point carefully. They say that they are always proven right.

One day by one, it’s to see it. Like the next Star Wars movies, people anticipate what may happen. To live long enough to see it. I’m looking to be around on election day, and witness who is to become President. Then to 2017, and what travels, or health that I’ll be in, I’m hoping that it will be good.