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Out relatively early to get some pills, I decided that no one is going to help me. Not even a call from a hire who said that he wanted to be friends, or any message from the doctor, there is nobody who really cares. So, up to myself, I chose life. A hike.

Leaving home by about 11:45 a.m., I spoke with a neighbor about my problems. They’d like to help, but they are not medical professionals. A bit of advice that I was given is that once you’re on Medicare, they don’t care anymore. I have supplemental insurance, but it looks not to be good enough for the medical staff, perhaps.

I’d try driving down Interstate 80. Beginning to grow fatigued at the wheel, I stopped at Gold Ranch for lemon drops. They didn’t have exactly what I wanted, but the candy would do. Passing through Truckee, I stopped at the rest area, and then to Castle Peak Road. Parking along the road by the Pacific Crest Trailhead, I set out north for a short hike.

Some people lay on rocks, and SUVs were creating dust. I started with photos, and wanted to make any updates on my peaks guide. Up the 4WD road, there was a trail map on a sign. New to me, I snapped a photo, and continued up a very short way. Cars were parked up the 4WD road, and a shallow stream across the road made for some careful steps.

It was sunny, and no mosquitoes. Only going a few hundred yards, I saw no further point in getting new directions for this road route. I’d post the map, but I turned around, to go to another trailhead and another hike.

Getting on Soda Springs Road, I obeyed the speed limit, and came to the Mt. Judah road, and then followed my guide directions to the PCT south TH. A wedding was in progress nearby, so lots of cars were parked on the private land and side of the road. No parking space for the trail, so I motored on, back out to the Donner Pass road. Driving east, I stopped at the scenic bridge, seeing rock climbers, and plenty of people.

Doing a short walk onto the bridge, I took photos. The couple getting married were now there, having their photos taken. I drove down into Truckee to the fast food for some drink. I fear that I have been drinking too much caffeine, so took fruit drink. More ice.

Exiting at West Fourth Street, I motored to Mayberry Park, and took the bikeway to the Tom Cooke Trail. I slowly hiked on up, intent on summiting the small hill here. I felt rotten. Feeling good has always been part of the itinerary, but with no caffeine, and the effects of that diminished, it may be that I am caffeine tolerant. It doesn’t help boost me anymore. It’s said to take months to go cold turkey, so it’s another goal that I’m maybe going to try for.

The Truckee River was flowing, and sunflowers were out. I slowly climbed the trail to the top of the hill, and topped out after seeing dogs and kids with parents. Taking a few photos, my health needs some drastic improvement. One man hiking up asked, “How are you?”

Replying, “Exhausted,” he then mentioned that he had a stint placed in him.

I said, “I’d need to have a heart attack for them to do that.”

He said, “Angina.” Pains in the chest. I don’t have those, and clogged arteries may not be my problem. I wished him well, and he did likewise, and I managed to get down, and back to my car. I finished what cold icy drink, then thought to have a nice meal at the casino. Too tired, I drove on home, but stopped for fish sandwiches at the fast food. Salmon is the super food, but I like salmon steaks, which they don’t have at the supermarket that I go to, so fried pollock was my catch of the day, at 2 for $5.

Downloading and taking a shower, the old memories of how I used to do things came back to me. Hiking 3.56 miles by my phone, with 1 flight of stairs, I knew that wasn’t right. More like 2.5 miles with 500 feet of gain.

I’m trapped to feel lousy. I can get up, but feeling poorly, drinking Diet Coke or coffee doesn’t perk me up anymore. Hiking while you feel bad isn’t fun. I’ve been staying in bed, but that gets to be a death spiral. No exercise, no hiking, the body atrophies. Then I’d be worse than ever. I may hear from the doctor next week, as I had a test done. No results yet by their app, I hope for the best, but fear for the worst. I must force myself to get better.