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RETURN TO THE RIVER CITY 2X January 13–14, 2015

Various things happened to force an emergency situation on me. The turn of events occurred, and I was just too tired to deal with all of this. I attempted to remotely resolve the situation using also my phone, and I had made arrangements for all of this. Monday night, I started to feel better. So, I changed my plans to make a trip back down to Sacramento, CA.

Waking up a bit later on Tuesday, I made my plans. It was looking good for finalizing my move. In the most efficient, non-consumptive, or non-wasteful way that I could think of, I was defeated by the management of my former residence. They had their reasons, but I suspected that they weren’t forthcoming fully. Nothing I could do about that. By the convenience of the Internet, I gained some help.

From my new base of operations, I took the local bus to the intercity bus stop. I had time for a light meal. The intercity bus came almost exactly on time. Using the convenience of my phone, I presented my confirmation number and quickly got on board.

Zooming westbound on interstate 80, I had my good camera to capture the sights ahead. The sun was setting directly in front of me at times, so I had to shut off my camera. I was feeling better, but I had some anxiety. Capturing the evening glow as we encountered a traffic jam, we got through, and I departed the intercity bus to take the local bus to my lodging. People were unusually friendly and talkative. The area that I was headed for sure had changed a lot since I had last been there. I didn't recognize the place. The motel had changed location slightly. I checked in and got my room.

To get a good night’s sleep, I didn't eat a good dinner. I was using my devices to stay connected.

Wednesday morning, I was up at about 2 a.m. This wasn't so good, as I knew that I most likely would fall asleep, then, in the afternoon. I went for a nice breakfast, one of the best that I have ever had at that restaurant chain. I took my time, trying to get awake with diet soda and coffee. The help was also pretty friendly, and my spirits were lifted by such good people. Finally, it was time to get my rental truck.

I had never driven such a large truck before. I had my apprehensions, but then the help assured me, and told me how to do things. Northbound on the freeway, I carefully and safely drove to my old residence where my storage was located. I was there early, way before my help was due there. I got what I needed from the apartment management, who were thankfully in. Beginning with emptying out loose items in my storage, I wished to make it easier for my hired help.

They arrived at 11 a.m. Friendly, happy, and professional. It was relaxing to deal with them. It would have taken me a long time to load the stuff myself. I had initially intended for several trips, but I was forced to do this on short notice with the deadline of the next day. The trucks wouldn't fit into the underground garage, so the help had to use the elevator and go through several security doors. I got them going, and guarded the truck as they did most of the loading out of the storage. Mentioning my jobs as I was younger, I have toiled in the hot sun picking tomatoes at two dollars an hour. My clerical job involved harder work than they were doing, and as I say, with 20 bosses urging faster work. I could go on a lot about my life, but it's all been said and heard. If anyone even has any interest at all.

Within three hours, the minimum job time for them, it was done. I had paid for four hours, but because it went so well, and that I was so happy that it was done, I granted them the extra hour as a bonus. Finalizing things with the apartment management, it was over. I had been buying diet soda and using the restroom at a nearby business. I did that one last time, and drove off onto the Interstate.

The truck handled well, but it was a bit slow. I drove at about 60 miles an hour through the traffic. Feeling alright, I had no worries this time about falling asleep. Shortly I was out of town, and made it to the rest area for my first pit stop. Continuing on, I was shortly over the summit after a burger at Nyack. I had fears that the truck lights were out, but it was because that they were dim or that I was high above the road. Approaching my destination, I had to use the restroom, but there was no good place to stop. I made it safely, and was mildly relieved that I had done it.

I thought that perhaps someone was to take something as the movers were moving my stuff as my things weren’t all locked up. My doctors proclaim it "mental illness,” that anyone could think that anyone else would do anyone harm. While I know much better from the old hiking club, I keep it to myself.

So now, I have the latest and the greatest as far as some technology. I have completed my move in a good, efficient way. I helped out the economy by providing short, simple, sweet jobs. Mentioning that along the way, there may be a bullet train from California to New York City, I estimated that it would cost a trillion dollars. Thinking of other things like an omnibus injustice compensation act for all those that suffered at the hands of the government in past times, and also of the forthcoming technology, I was in a good mood. The future looks bright. There may be some hope for mankind. We are not fighting nature so much as other human beings. People will tire of war, and what may come out of it is another United Nations conference, as after World War II.

As far as my plans for the future, I have in mind construction benefiting mountaineering and climbing recreation in the neighborhood. Reminded of a passage in a book given to me by my older brother, presumably gotten at some sale, it reads thusly: "...we have been pleased especially by the thought that our book, once used in war, has encouraged thousands of skiers to discover one of the most wholly peaceful of human pursuits----the exploration of mountain wilderness in winter." Coming from the "Preface to the Fourth Edition" of The Sierra Club Manual of Ski Mountaineering.

Capturing 118 images and movie clips (183.6 MB, 720p HD, 9:16), I traveled some 300 miles. Spending perhaps $400 on labor, transportation, lodging, and food, the truck rental added about $313 to my costs. So, my total moving expenses came under the lowest quote for movers, but was it a lot of work!

My car now needs service, and how much that will run is to be determined. There was considerable risk endured, and also the work for my peak buddy, and then the unrelated misfortune for the other peak buddy, whose condition presently is not known to me. I have found out who my real friends are. Informing several people of my website, I wonder if they’ll even visit. No contact from anyone yet.