RETURN TO THE RIVER CITY 5X February 24, 2015

Still suffering from some maladvised medicine by a former doctor, I had lost my memory in many items, and felt confused. I assumed that the effect would wear off, but months later, I am confused, clumsy, and forgetful. I consider it a miracle that I haven’t suffered any major disaster. Unbelievably busy with absolutely no help, but from paid professionals, the hiking club friends continue to be useless. All that I gave them and all the way that I went out of my way for them, and do they make sure they stay away from me!

Over the weeks, I had managed to do some hiking for my health, as I have gained some 20 pounds. Just too busy to get my daily exercise. Frustrated, I eat out, still, too. My finances were shot. Millionaire hiking buddies, and nothing for me, by their principles, I assume. Loans for my new needs were all refused. In some pain, with my healing finger wound, my affected digit is stiff or not working properly. Medical help just wants more money for virtually nothing.

Having some business necessitated by my security concerns, I set a reservation for bus travel on Tuesday. I’d enjoy going over the Summit, and then to do some travel without my car's emissions.

Waking up with plenty of time to get ready, I had reminders set for my computers. The round trip fare was only $10.25 total (senior discount), but I am loath to get so forgetful that I lose money. Taking the local bus out to the downtown area, I waited as the bus directions dictate.

Off only minutes after the scheduled time, I did video as we motored along. It appeared to be the worse drought for the Sierra that I have ever seen for this time of year. Late February is the usual time for the maximum snowpack, statistically, but where in many years there would be ten feet, it was bare ground. My offers to ski go ignored. Sad conditions. We had a couple days of record breaking highs, but still people do not see or even care. Whether this is a prolonged drought or climate change isn’t much of an issue to most. They persist in stupidity, and although most have enough wealth to see themselves through, I am myself on the poor side.

Coming to the river city, I took the light rail to the downtown area, and headed for the bank. My business didn’t take long, and now I am enabled of the latest payment technology. I decided then also not to withdraw from my well-paying funds and to use my credit card for my remodel needs. Economic sense. With true friends, I’d be loaned some money, to be paid back better than their pitiful returns that they choose for themselves. Morons to the end.

It began then to look a bit brighter. I dined for cheap to consume ramen, and then, with only a few hours to spend before having to take the return bus back east, walked towards Capitol Park. A mock-up of the presumed bullet train was displayed. I was surprised at how narrow it looked. Certainly not a wide-bodied jet! Taking more photos, I stopped by a new eatery for some shaved snow. Delicious, and delicate! I had another item, then walked on to the candy store. Though I strive to a no sugar diet, I can’t hardly help myself at times.

I sought to get some newspapers at the library, snapping photos of the civil rights display. Suffering some confusion on catching the light rail back north to the intercity bus station, I realized as it went by that I had missed it. I walked north, as I knew that it wasn’t that far, and I like exercise. There were new things in the River District, and then I came to the station waiting room, happy that this time, I didn’t need to have rushed. I had left my pepper spray at home, with a no weapons listing on the entrance. I relaxed, but I hadn’t inspected my tablet before leaving home, so it had run down, and I chose not to then get a new cable. I’d love to see justice applied to the medical morons who had given me those pills, but the attorneys neither care or desire anything but easy millions. Being a poor person, nobody will lift so much as a finger to see any right done, in my case.

The bus left about on time, and I enjoyed doing video as we rode eastbound. The dry conditions are preserved by me for my time. Speaking with people, that many declare, “inflation,” but it’s higher food prices. Then also gas. I am eating up to diet later, and have been fortunate that gas prices were so low at the time I was forced to move my possessions. I also say, many times, while working, I had a 10 cent instant noodle lunch, perhaps a thousand times as I had a low-paying job, so never went into debt. Now, I can enjoy a bit, but am in need of money. We had a stop in Colfax, and going over the top again was in twilight.

Coming into town, I sauntered over to the new hotel and dining venue referring to the highest point in the Lower 48. Spending an even 50 on fine food, including a good tip due to friendly enough help, I took more night photos, then took the local bus on north.

Spending perhaps $100 on everything, I walked maybe two miles. Capturing 294 images and movie clips, the round trip bus ride totaled roughly 300 miles.

Some person took his time to chat with me about my interests, by my website. I make my offers on various message boards and forums, but not since years ago has anyone taken me up on my generosity. It was my pleasure to assist with people starting hiking, climbing, skiing, and sharing, but the ones returning time after time weren’t so interested in exercise as money for themselves. That they got something from me, I can understand the joy of freebies, but when I win Lotto, if ever, I’ll sure be remembering my real friends. None of such in the old hiking club!