RETURN TO THE RIVER CITY 3X AND 4X January 30, 2015, and February 3, 2015

Due to business, I had to make these trips. Liking my old home town, and also to travel, it was something to do. The first was to be a short trip. Finding out that what I figured was not so simple, I started to be given a run around. I had to go from place to place, told by ignorant or indifferent employees, but cognizant that new ways were being instituted, and change was in the air. Stopping by my preferred op for organic buffet meals, I had a bite and could use the restroom.

I parked in Downtown Sacramento to visit a newer facility. Then, I had to go to another facility, to have to wait. A manager attended to me and my problem, but with no immediate resolution. Frustrating. So, with my intent totally defeated, I drove on home, with a stop at Auburn, Nyack, and Truckee, for rest and food.

Tuesday, the 3rd, I had to make another trip. I made bus reservations so easily and conveniently online, and did research on my schedule. No need to have to drive, thanks to mass transit ops. It would be a long day. I was up early, and used the local transit to get to the intercity bus station. There were some morning photo ops along the way. Amazing what the savings were on fares!

The bus left about on time, and I enjoyed riding, with me doing video of the mountain drought conditions. I had ventured once on a message board that we could be in the beginnings of a 100 year drought, as tree rings show does happen. Or part of the result of climate change.

Coming to town, I walked over to the light rail station, and rode on into town. Hungry and thirsty, I had some noodles for cheap, and drink. With time, I tended to some business, as I am in need of money, and wish to do some home improvements. I support energy efficiency, and zero emissions. It will be a home of the future, as was envisioned back when I was a kid. It may be, after say five years, that I will never have an energy bill, at least till my solar panels have to be replaced. That is said to be about 20 to 30 years. Smart, by me. I’ll be paying perhaps a bit more than a gas and electric bill per month for awhile, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be getting a rebate and tax credit, too.

I went by my old place to speak with the manager. They said that they sent my security deposit refund to my old mailing address, but my mail had apparently been lost. They’d cancel the check and send me a new one. Where my held mail went, it remains to be seen. I have had problems with mail as once a certified letter sent from even within the same town took two weeks to be delivered. From when I was working, it is practicality. The volume of mail is overwhelming. Mistakes get made. I see where electronic delivery eventually replaces the paper mail, and mainly parcels and required documents will need this type of service. It is a time of transition. Retool, reinvest, and reformat.

I wandered along my old routes, and took photos. Looking at the time, I figured to take the light rail, and head out toward Folsom, CA. Being that I had to use the restroom, I debarked enroute to do that and get food and drink. I determined that I had some time, then took the short ride further, as I had a daily pass, to then do some walking on a bike trail.

With then my business tended to, I had to get back home. Worried about missing the intercity bus back home, I took it as the way it goes if I didn’t get to the bus station on time. I can easily get a motel room and get another bus reservation, the next day, if that became necessary, but I’d have to spend maybe another $100. On reading the transit times, it looked to be cutting it close. I thought to take a taxi, but instead did some walking toward my destination for what exercise and stress relief. Getting aboard the light rail, some person with a backpack stated to be headed for the southern start of the Pacific Crest Trail. Earlier running into a former hike companion, I am wondering if I am being tracked, or if it is just coincidence. Would I now be so well known that somehow my whereabouts are being broadcast?

I had to run from the light rail station to the nearby intercity bus station. They advise to be an hour early, but I had seen people getting to the station just before bus departure. Gratefully, I got aboard the bus, but in a rush. Worried about losing or dropping something, I am aware that my memory is weakening, and that older people do get confused. I got drink in Colfax at a stop, as this was not an express bus.

Not doing any pictures or video as we rode, I noted the full moon, and tried to be comfortable, seeking to rest. We made another stop in Truckee, CA, and then to the destination. Late at night, I had little fear as I had to walk through the downtown section. They didn’t confiscate my pepper spray, as I surmise some rules had changed. I enjoyed the walk through the casino area, taking a few photos.

Getting to the transit hub, I took the local bus back home, and concluded a safe and successful jaunt.

My app must have counted the travel by light rail, giving way more than I walked, but I’d say that I walked 3 miles. I captured 110 images and several movie clips. For the 3rd, I spent about 17 on the intercity bus fare round trip, then 7 total on the local buses. Perhaps 10 on drink and food.

I mentioned to the bus driver that if they went electric, I’d consider not getting my own electric, as driving now for me is old. The problem is getting to trailheads and destinations either poorly or not served by affordable public transit. It’s nice to have your own car, but I will be having to decide on committing to say $500 a month, over a seven year loan, for the coming affordable electric, and then to have to be doing a lot of driving to make it pay off. I am looking now also at an electric motorcycle. Little data given on price or future availability, there.

Things change fast. I noted that many people now have the latest smart phones. They are so low in price, with theft deterrence, that I now feel much safer in public with one. There will soon be the hyped watch, that I do plan to get. I make most of my purchases using the convenient NFC technology, when I can, and spend a lot more time on my finances online. With my finger wound, handling cash is even painful. Hard to believe the polls, which say most people prefer the old ways. Well, 20 minutes versus 20 seconds, you can see the morons!