2015 RENO AIR RACES September 19, 2015

Consistent with my aims to move away from peak bagging and hiking and all, I loaded myself with Chinese food and tea the night before. I had plans to perhaps climb Lassen Peak, but I’d see how I’d go.

Up by about 9 a.m., this sunny Saturday, the weather was gorgeous for the air races event this weekend. I had never before attended an air show, so I’d see one before I go. Normally, being gas driven events, I’d abstain, but perhaps there’d be no accidents today. Due to terrible crashes, I normally stay away from such events. But safety is on the rise, and with luck, no one would get hurt, today.

Motoring over to the event at the Stead airfield, I had directions by my maps. Rather than make reservations online, I chose to see how it'd go. Coming to a gate, I asked about parking. They directed me elsewhere, so I motored back to a side street on my approach, and found a good spot for free. Signs said, “$15.”

I had a good long walk to the main gate. Pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and courtesy of security as they checked my small day pack, with my cameras and things, I then proceeded to the ticket counter. Greeted by a nice woman, I asked about this, being my first time. She kindly told me how it goes, and I could get a seat in the grandstand, on paying general admission. So, I forked out my $37. Given a ticket, I went through the check-in, and walked then the short way to a seat up in the grandstand.

Not that many people. Surprised at the good will and fun for all, I took my seat, and started with my telephoto lens to capture the sights of various aircraft. An air race began to start, and I took many telephoto pictures. In my T-shirt and long pants, I was so comfortable! No rude people, and no poor words spoken by anyone!

Then started the Breitling air show. Jets flew about, doing maneuvers and flying in formations. I started with video, on my old camera, the screen so scratched that I could hardly see what it was showing. This was good practice for further use of my old and hardly used anymore, gear. I didn’t know what to expect, so didn’t have my camera so ready as the finale and events took place.

Viewing previously online what was put for the Tora, Tora, Tora event showing, I already knew what somewhat to expect. I knew what time that it was set for presentation, and it perhaps was a bit late. Japanese Zeros, made for the movie by 20th Century Fox, took off from the field. The planes for the air show typically fly about Peavine Peak to be prepared. I had some practice with my main camera for video, so as the planes approached, I was better ready.

The show started. Pyrotechnics were set off, and it was as shown online at other airshows. I recorded the commentary, and the planes flew about, in this dramatic fashion. Having made comments on Facebook, I had some fear for racism, but there was absolutely nothing of the sort. I saw few if any of Asian ancestry, but I’d say there is nothing to fear. Mostly what were mainstream people, primarily Nevadan, there was some ethnic presence, but goodwill, fun, courtesy, and respect abounded. I love this state!

The show ended, with no big incident. Shortly, a fly by of a B-25 was made, and the audience was asked to stand in memory of the Doolittle Raiders, of which only perhaps two are left. I took off my hat, but shot video. I recall my Dad speaking about that raid, and the recent movie to state that it changed the going of the war. The Japanese high command knew that they were no longer as secure with their island nation, so committed their navy to the Battle of Midway, whereby they lost, hugely. A year later, they made peace offerings, but it took the atomic bombings to end the war.

Sticking around as they had said the show ends at about 4:30 p.m., I saw another air race, but I had to get back to my computer, and put stuff online, tonight. I left the grandstand, and shot pictures of the booths, and bought then a hat and T-shirt.

Walking back to my car, I had done 2.13 miles with 1 floor of walking. Capturing 633 images and movie clips, I spent another $30 on the cap and T-shirt, so $67 total. A very small amount on gas, and savored the cheap entertainment and close-by photo ops.

Back to my computer, I drank some green tea to get me into the mood for work through much of this night. The downloads went fine, and my new OS software did admirably. I made three movie clips, to put online by early this night.

This day and event was a huge morale booster, to me and my long, ill, or sickly ways. The green tea helped. The nice, excellent weather, and the fine mood of the people attending the event, the courtesy, pleasant attendance, and the great photo ops and video all were to do me fine! I’d have paid easily hundreds of dollars for such a morale and medical boost, much more effective than the stated $28,000 bill for my hospital stay last month. I hope that my health insurance gets most or all of that, but I’m ready to incur some expense. Nothing like being alive, and feeling good!