A NEW TOWN September 1, 2015

Being settled in for now eight months, I still haven’t felt used to living in this new town. Committing myself to frugality over the summer, I accomplished that well. Paying off my bills for energy efficiency, and improving my previously foreclosed home, I declined much travel. Getting to be low energy over August, I stayed about home, indoors, and enjoying my tech.

It soon then got to be boredom, with short trips to local destinations to do something. I made a few drives on highways, with no hiking of note, or much else but dash cam videos. Seeking some medical improvement, I stopped a long time medication on the advice of a previous general practitioner. I had halted this for some while beforehand, with no terrible ill effect, then.

This went O.K. for about two months or so. Then, one day midweek, I began to get some agitated thoughts, and believed myself to be suffering some ill effects. Nothing like this had ever happened to me as I can remember, but handily, I had tech, and my phone. Calling then 9-1-1, the fire truck came by, and I lay myself down on the cot. Seeming to be suffering auditory hallucinations, by which I faintly heard crowds cheering as we drove down the highway, all I could do was to lay there.

Getting to the hospital, I was taken to a room, and placed under observation. Plenty of staff attended to me. Shortly then diagnosed with what I seem to see as the lack of medication, I got nice meals, care, and doctor visits. The weekend came and went. I feared for the costs, but I had health insurance. Better treatment than to suffer what bad happening, and terrible news does hit the nation by what nut job going off, much too often.

The new week started, and I began to improve. Realizing that perhaps my meds had been necessary, it looked better, and they foresaw a discharge. Nothing bad had happened, but the time in a hospital room. My mental state greatly improved, and then it was the midweek. I had gotten some meds into me, and then I got my things, and paperwork. Taking the bus back home, all was O.K., there.

I had to get some prescriptions, but thankfully, a 24/7 pharmacy was available, and I got my refills, quickly.

So, it was back to my regular life. Weakened, I did a search, and had found that my old peak buddy had passed away. Deceased at 89, he set a good example of so many peak climbs, with me, carpooling, and always safe. I can’t help but recollect that at 67, he requested some climbing Nevada peaks, about Las Vegas, myself then a tender 40. Bagging some 7 peaks in 12 days, we had stayed in Vegas, enjoying the Desert spring, and successful except for one peak, Spirit Mountain, which I had gone back to climb, later. I’d amaze myself now if I could do the 19,000 feet of gain, largely no trail, and up to class 3, at the age that he did that!

Doing tech items at home, I upgraded to a beta software OS, did some yard work, and light home maintenance. Going out for food, I had to get myself back to being happier.

So, this Tuesday, the 1st of a new month, I had a follow-up appointment. Taking the bus, it was a nice, warm day. Going to the hospital, I kept to the time, and saw the doctor. I had another appointment for later, so the doctor didn’t do much. I do have a need for a regular doctor, and mental health maintenance as well.

Walking west down the street, I had some chicken tacos. Taking then the Riverwalk, I headed downtown, and got the newspapers. Meandering northwards, I got to Virginia Street, then went for more food. Having much of my bills and debt paid off, I can now start to spend a bit more. My outlook needs uplifting, and I do have more to do this summer. With discount bus passes, I sure save on fares, and it’s a lot better than in my old home town.

Walking then 4.83 miles with 5 floors of stairs, by my reliable app, I captured 140 images and movie clips (40.8 MB, 0:39). Spending 24.72 on food, I used two rides on my ten ride pass ($8 total).

2015 has been a dismal year for my peak ascents. Though there is still the fall, and I can sure make up for my lack of climbing, but I wish to spare the air and save my car. It looks that I have never had as bad a year for numbers, but life does change. Nobody in the old hometown bags peaks like we used to, and now climate change theory does not support larger emissions like we once engaged in. There is more support for action on emissions control, and I am all in favor. I did sign up for 100% green energy, paying more, but then support for an electric car, further down the line.

The next few years may see so well for me, and I’m hoping for good to come. I have to tend to my property, and that looks O.K. for now. Light yard work to keep me busy, and to enjoy my tech, and limited but sufficient income. New software upgrades, for free, and then the chance of newer and better devices. But, with no more peak buddies, I have no good friends as I once counted on for hiking company.

The town is seeing some economic resurgence. Plenty of fresh young people about at the schools, and business looks on the rise. My money invested isn’t doing poorly, and though I lost on some money, it wasn’t too bad. 2016 will be an interesting election year, but I’m voting green. To stay fit and healthy is my hope. Fall and winter may see me hiking or traveling, more than in summer, and maybe someone will come forward to join me to climb, hike, and backcountry ski. I did cease with my activity on my Facebook presence, due to ID requirements, and when I joined, anonymity was allowed.

My plans are perhaps for one or two road trips down south, for fall colors along U.S. 395, or elsewhere, or wherever. Mostly, I’ve seen it and done it all. I do get restless, and then head out. I’m looking for what ops this winter, depending on the weather. Hoping for drought breaking rain and snow, it remains to be seen.