RETURN TO THE RIVER CITY January 10-11, 2015

With help from an old peak buddy, I was able to vacate some storage with former family. I had to utilize what was available due to the time limit to coincide with the end of 2014 to move out of my former abode, a rental unit in Downtown Sacramento. Renting there since 2005, it had served well, with dining only a block or so away, with some of the best organic ops anywhere.

My other older peak buddy stopped answering his calls one day, and I found that he had to go to the hospital. A serious medical episode. Being that he was advanced in age, I took it as fate, and he has lived a fortunate life. Serving in World War II, he had gone on to the University of California, and was a Ph.D. Employed by major companies, he came to me back in the 1980’s to help peak bagging, seeing my announcement in the hiking club outings schedule. Friendly and willing to drive, we had first climbed a couple peaks in Nevada, with a good carpool effort, done safely, as always, and successfully. I returned the favor with many rides, for which he paid a small amount for fuel costs. He stopped peak climbing and hiking with me in the 2000’s, and though we remained in contact, he refrained from modern day tech, and didn’t have a computer, Internet, or any of the many items which I currently enjoy. Old school, he went to get the paper newspaper at a newsstand, a mile away, to force him to get some exercise, by him. That may have resulted in him being struck by a car while doing this. I don’t think that this helps him in his current medical plight.

Enjoying my new residence during the new year, I had to clear out three storage bins back at my old apartment. I allowed for this to be done by the 15th of January. I placed ads trying to sell off the older stuff which I am unable to take in my car. Nothing. Looking for help, I placed an ad in an online website for a freight hauler. I received many inquiries right off the bat. One fellow even was willing to show himself by video chat, as he stated to really need the money.

Agreeing to having him do it, with his pick up truck and trailer, I made reservations for lodging on Saturday night, so I could be fresher to load my stuff, come Sunday morning. Tired and prone to getting sleepy at the wheel, I debarked on Interstate 80 westbound, stopping many times for rests and food and drink. I must have consumed gallons of diet soda, as falling asleep at the wheel is no good. Getting a dollar drink versus maybe $60 for enroute lodging sounds smarter. And it saves time as for a few minutes versus a few hours trying to sleep at a rest area. I sometimes had to close my eyes briefly, which is dangerous. Pulling over as I could when this happened, it began to get tiring to have to drive on the Interstate so many times.

Getting then to Sacramento, I checked on the garage entry door at the apartment, to be sure there wouldn’t be a problem when the fellow arrived to do the moving. I got coffee and did some Internet access. My old peak buddy, in the hospital, had his ups and downs. For awhile, it didn’t look too good for him. It was expected that he would pass on, but he made some comeback, amazing the doctors, said to be in part from his health, which I may have helped in taking him for his climbing and hiking. I would not be allowed to see him. I asked for my other peak buddy to allow a video chat, but she is diminished and refuses the best technology.

Going for noodles, I drove over to the Riverwalk, and took photos of my old haunt here. Going on to Old Sacramento, I did some dining, and took more pictures. Going over the Tower Bridge, I did video, and then sauntered back to my parked car. Going to my lodging early, I was accommodated ahead of the stated check-in time, and washed up, resting, and using my devices. Using my technology, I could watch my favorite TV station, as it is not accessible on the motel TV. I went to the nearby gas station for fast food, and finally went to sleep.

Sunday, I was up by about 1 a.m. Mostly now, I cannot sleep anymore when this happens. I surfed on the Internet, getting the news, and sending messages. Going for breakfast, I had checked out of the motel. Taking my time, I was buoyant at finally finishing up my moving. Going to the storage, I loaded my own car with items, then had to use the restroom at the nearby coffee shop. Phoning the assist, I found that he couldn’t make it on the agreed time. He stated to have a problem. I realized that things do happen, and I was starting to get sleepy again. I had to cancel the hauling op, and drive on home with my things in the car. Pity that people can’t be more with it, but the way it goes.

Making several rest stops on the Interstate, I drank plenty of soda, and ate some food. I had to think about how I was to do things, and I’d try to extend my storage rental, and find another hauler. Trying to sell off furniture, even cheaply, doesn’t seem to work. I can’t find a charity to accept my desks, and the apartment management will have nothing to do with their pick up. A peak buddy had offered to clear out her van for transporting desks and my bed set, but I’d prefer not to inconvenience her. My idea is to find somebody already going from Sacramento to my destination, paying well for their time and use of their cargo capacity. Being an enviro, I want to do this as efficiently as possible. Looking into renting a truck, it is more costly, there is insurance, then fuel, too, and catches. I now have inquiries, but the Internet.

Starting to get sleepy at the wheel, I had to stop for coffee and food energy. Proud of my videos, I made it home, and started work on them. When I am safely at my computer, I do feel much better! I had driven some 3,000+ miles doing my shuttling since my auto service, and then my service engine light came on as I did my most recent drive. Doing some short walks at the Donner Summit rest areas, I had to spend a lot, since I couldn’t afford to get sick or sleepy at the wheel. The lodging came to about 57, and I was spared $300 as the worker didn’t show up.

Capturing 240 images and movie clips, I ran about 8 more hours of video on my dash cam.