So mindful that we are in a severe drought, I have been conserving water at home. Aware that when summer arrives, the streams will be dry, and waterfalls will be a trickle. It is most likely to be hot, and hiking will then be no fun. With as high temperatures as past years, you’d have to go higher than 10,000 feet to be comfortable. I have climbed all of the peaks, pretty much, and it has gotten old.

With record setting highs this Friday, I sought to do another good hike. E-mailing the rangers, they told me that Lake Tahoe was now like late June, with little snow left. Some past years, we’d be skiing backcountry, and I remembered that long ago, we snowshoed right about from lake level over spring break. Not so this year! So advised, I’d take some photos and video to post conditions.

With a late start, I left home to take the Interstate. My dash cam makes for interesting speeded-up movies, with the excellent software that I possess. Motoring to Truckee, I headed south on CA 89. Not needing any breaks, I came to Emerald Bay, saw no parking open to check out Lower Eagle Falls, so headed on to Bayview Campground. The gate was closed. Luckily, I got a primitive parking spot right away, and used the restroom open at the Inspiration Point area, which wasn’t all locked.

Most all of the Forest Service rec areas were still closed. People were parking on the highway, and walking in. Roads clear of snow were gated shut. I readied my heavy pack, and hiked up to the Bayview trailhead. Other hikers had also walked in, and were also seeing Cascade Falls. Starting with photos, I remembered that they had been doing trail work as of last fall. That had been completed nicely. Often rocks are slippery, with wet sand and polish, and I can see how injuries can happen.

Shortly after the trail start, the falls were to be seen running. I did video, and continued on. There were more views through the forest of the falls, so I took more pictures, and gamely hiked on the trail. Hikers were dressed for summer. I wore two layers, and long pants, but it seems that many cannot think for the cooler weather. It was mild, but I didn’t perspire in my outerwear. We must have climate change. I can’t see how there are disbelievers with the circumstances, but I am so aware that even the smart hikers are really blind and dumb when it comes to science and common sense. They aren’t capable of simple logic, and commit to terrible mistakes. Hikers die, and I say, “stupidity even unto death.”

The trail descends, and climbs along some cliffs and narrow ledges. I have no problem, but took pictures for lesser hikers. My old peak buddies wouldn’t be able anymore to do any of this. Too feeble, senile, clumsy, and always then not too well coordinated. The hiking club disdained active sports. Most of them can’t even turn while skiing. I at first figured that I was in a club for the mentally incompetent, but I guess that I am just gifted. Rock climbing leading, ski mountaineering, all come easy for me when I was younger. Others die.

The trail comes to a post indicating “falls.” I knew now that it is lower down, so hiked finding some pathways to see other people at the edge of the top of the falls. I climbed down to a good spot to unload my pack, and free myself to clamber about to do the best vantage point. I was aware of the drop-off, and stayed low to not fall over. The heights made me queasy, but careful. I secured against some rocks, and took my photos and videos. I found another spot a bit lower, but hikers sat in the scene. I took my pack and hiked to the stream crossing to get to the other side for some time to spend. Other hikers crossed, but I then didn't think that it was worth it. The light favored me on the near side, so I hiked back to the same area, but other hikers put themselves into the scene. The sun had lowered, so the light now didn’t hit the falls completely. I left, and hiked back along the trail. It wasn't chilly, but the winter had become summer. T-shirts and shorts for some.

Getting back to the trailhead, I sauntered back to my car, stowed my heavy pack, and went over to Inspiration Point. Admiring the vistas, I took photos, and noted the foreign tourists. With modern technology, you can get the day’s conditions, and plan a trip with advanced knowledge. Used to be that hikers couldn’t apprise themselves of the weather forecast, and they’d freeze to death, or get hypothermic. The now fantastic weather was predictable.

Driving back north a bit, I got a spot back along the highway, and hiked over to my view point for Lower Eagle Falls. Doing my camera work, few or none ever follow me to the best view of the Falls, and despite my posting video of the way, I see little or no trace that anyone comes over to this vantage rock, and though it seems obvious to me, I suppose some people refuse to go off trail. Hiking back the five minutes to the clamber down the twenty feet off the highway to the top of the lower falls, it wasn’t much of a gush. Even in June, I have seen it roaring, but this year, it will not be a big tourist draw.

Motoring south on the highway, I sought drink and food. Capturing the sights along U.S. 50 passing through South Lake Tahoe, I determined to head for the major casinos. It was crowded! It seems the economy must have improved. Parking in the rear lots, I entered the biggest casino looking for some fine dining. There was a business expo, so it was busy. Declining to then to eat there, I wandered across the street, after chatting with a horse and carriage operator, with gorgeous animals to pull the carts. Not taking pictures, as it is Nevada Law, I then went outside, to wander to another newer casino for shots. Crossing back across the street, I entered a casino that I had never been inside, and found some restaurants. Choosing one, I was delighted to get a couple 99 cent tacos, and a 2 dollar fish taco, with diet soda. This made my day! Tipping nicely, I had a few last sights, and left to head home.

Motoring east on U.S. 50 in the evening, I passed through Cave Rock, and then over Spooner Summit. No cars in the lots for the Tahoe Rim Trail, as there is still snow at the higher elevations. I’d enjoy posting my dash cam video of my drive, speeded up, and with the glow of the dusk. Not to waste the op for the car being used, I got plenty of groceries, and figured to stay home for the weekend, as even rain is predicted. I have my enjoyment doing webwork, and even though I get so few visits, it’s there for any interested. That hikers go forth with no information, it won’t be because of me!

My app gave 4.5 miles with 23 flights of stairs being done for the day, and I had used maybe 4 gallons of gas. Spending 10 dollars for the food, I captured 270 images and movie clips, with maybe 4 hours of dash cam video.

Expenses will be more of a concern now, as I don’t waste my money on gas, big time. With far less of a drive to the beauty spots, and the best hiking trails, it won’t be anymore much walking on crowded and crime ridden bike trails. As rec users here don’t have the social pressure to conform, or to do as say the hiking clubs dictate, it is freedom. You are free to hike, bike, and travel, and peak bagging is not banned, but engaged in. You can climb a peak, and not be the target, but away from those who hate exercise, and scenery. And not the gruel, but fine fare to draw tourists.

Escaping the town that forces so many to humdrum routines, and pollution, and not fun and health, but to slavery and poverty, then the sickness, this was now a good move. The future, not the past. High tech goes with me, and is supported, and not the old ways big time. Though I still have to carry cash, as business doesn’t yet support the convenient, and speedy. With the last item of yearly business now completed, my bills are auto paid, and I just have to track with my computer, to see that no crime is active to target randomely. There was a strange thing with my software, but it went away. Nice to be protected, and technology and software is not a hoax!