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A little bit better this Saturday, I determined that I would do something. The forecast was for rain, and I knew there would be good clouds. I waited till the temperatures began to get warmer.

Heading northbound on U.S. 395, I had my dash cam running. I had a nice sight of Adams Peak to my left. Trying to be careful on my driving, I kept both of my hands on the wheel. I was doing well heading north. There was good drama and clouds in the sky. I recall that there was some rest area by Honey Lake. Passing by several gas stations, cones blocked the road that led to the facilities. I shortly came to the cut off road that led toward Alturas. With my printout from the DFG website of the Honey Lake Wildlife Area, I was able to follow the roads. The signs didn't indicate the exact names that were stated on the map. I went on a short distance to Standish, CA.

Using the restroom at the gas station, I got some drink and ice cream. The help stated that they didn't know anything about the wildlife area. So, I headed back south to a likely road. Signed, “Standish Buntingville Road,” it turned to good dirt, then was signed as “Mapes Road.” Somewhere here, I set my good camera on my rear view mirror. Running video, I followed the signs to the main parking lot of the Dakin unit. I took pictures of the signs there, and got a free, required, self-serve permit.

On the dirt road south, I came to another parking lot. Taking more pictures of the signs there, I looked about for some hiking trails. There was a ditch, but nothing much I could see but dirt tracks. Taking pictures of the sights about me, there were clouds and desolate mountains. Then I heard a big flutter in the distance. I saw clouds of white birds which I was later told were snow geese. I took telephoto videos.

Being that I had to use the restroom, with some outhouses overturned, I shortly left. Back at the main parking lot, a person came out, and we had a short chat. This area gets few visitors. Going back to Mapes Road, I followed it east, now on pavement, then north. It comes to Cappezolli Lane. That leads to the turnoff for the Fleming Unit. Signs led me on more paved roads to the main visitor center, which was closed. I took more photos of the interpretive displays, then motored on dirt roads to the parking lots.

Running dash cam video as well as my other camera, I came to parking lot 2, did a U-turn, then went on to parking lot 3. Parking, I took photos, some of the Skedaddle Mountains, but there weren’t any birds appearing like previously. I had to use a restroom again, so left. I saw nothing at the visitor center, so I went on. Heading north to U.S. 395, some deer jumped fences ahead of me. I stopped for some nice video ops.

Coming then to Litchfield, CA, I stopped at the store to use the restroom, and to get some food. They were cordial enough, and I gobbled down my sandwich in my car. The sunset wasn’t too bad, and I ran my cameras. Getting to Standish, I took the cutoff road, and came back again to U.S. 395, bypassing Susanville, CA.

I remembered back in the late 1970’s, I had conducted a peak bag of Hot Springs Mountain, bagging all three of the summit bumps. Only two takers. We had also bagged Sierra Buttes on the way home. They proposed the area for wilderness designation, but there wasn’t hardly anyone interested. I offered my photos, but I guess they were rejected. We hiked in spring, so there were a lot of ticks. Flowers, too. I am told that hundreds of antelope now inhabit the area.
Heading southbound on U.S. 395, I made a stop for lotto tickets. Big jackpot. I had my usual fun thinking of what I’d do with the near third billion win. Dark now, I drove on home.

I hardly hiked more than several yards, but at least captured some 325 images and movie clips. Spending maybe $12 for drink and food, with a small bill for the gamble ( I didn't win anything), I did pretty well on fuel efficiency.

With my offers out for companions, it seems the Net has rejected me. I need to lose weight, but am getting lazier and lazier. No drive to do much of anything. I can abstain from overeating, but I still have plenty of busy work. I didn’t get any rain on the trip, and immensely enjoyed the weather. I liked working on my movies, and had some of them up that same night. Dictation was fun to try, again. Nice to have some great tech, and free software to use it all. Pity that not one hiker or climber that I know wants any of it!